70 saved packs

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Could've been worse

Tradeable Highlights..

TOTS LaPorte
TOTS Koval
IF Mlapa
IF Kalou
86 x 2
84 x 4
83 x 13
82 x 19

Untradeable Highlights...

IF Joaquin
IF Raul Garcia
Hero Wheeler
85 x 3
84 x 8
83 x 8
82 x 17

Like I said, could've been worse!


  • Tietherope
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    Could have for sure been worse.

    I had 72 packs and pulled Iniesta as the highest rated.
  • Ze Jay
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    I had 46 packed saved including 7 100k packs and 4 ultimate packs, I got no tots cards, 3 informs (82x2 and 77), wheeler, iniesta, verratti, perisic, matuidi, riberyx2, kompany and 16 ex tots players, wasn't impressed...
  • SimenHP
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    I wish I had your luck :neutral: Since PL tots came out I have opened my 127 stored packs.

    1. 6 of them were 125k packs, best pull: Modric, Rakitic, Veratti and Ribery, 3 packs had 83 as highest.
    2. 14 of them were 100k packs, best pull: IF Joaquin, Rakitic and Witsel. 2 of the packs had 82 as highest rated, 6 had 83 as highest rated
    3. 27 of them were 50k packs, best pull: 5c7ff0b7-b898-4e26-8f40-71086e015ea9.PNG?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=p4Xb9Di%2FvZoj1c1IA6qqxBa5NuQ6k5jzlrgbt8sdbds%3D
    (ofcourse my best pack had to be untradable) Other than that no player, except for Hummels over 85 rated. And atleast 50% had 83 as highest rated, with many 82 as highest (even had a pack where 81 were my highest)
    4. 43 were other packs from 15k to 55k packs, best pull: TOTS Doherty and a few 83-84s, no 85 or higher.
    5. 37 were 5k and 7.5k packs, best pull ONLY 1 83 RATED AND IT WAS TOTS KANNO!!!!
  • Ulook92
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    Tietherope wrote: »
    Could have for sure been worse.

    I had 160+ packs and pulled Marcelo as the highest rated.

  • CBrueggs15
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    obviously pack weights are bad haha

    I did open the second half of the packs late at night in the US and felt like they were much better than the packs opened when TOTS kicked off
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