How is Your WL Going?



  • FinEverton
    675 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Why sundays are most horribles now a days? Most toxic players and delaying gameplay for me. 11-4 wont bother to play anymore.
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    11193 posts Has That Special Something
    11-5 right now but playing on 4G this weekend so wasn't expecting much and only ever play to 14 wins anyway. Just might take an extra few games this weekend.
  • DaveyBazy
    72 posts Park Captain
    Stopped at 20-4
  • IncredibleK
    124 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    P9 W8. Expecting it to go south when I pick up again soon but I'll play with hope
  • Sykesy
    4455 posts National Call-Up
    I feel like I have goalkeepers outfield. I was told it was just a glitch when it showed Alsopp on players teams... Was just a glitch right? Have players with 99 finishing stats etc and yet none seem to be able to hit the target from 4 yards
  • D Heleteli
    818 posts Semi-Pro

    First time I've stopped at Gold with games in hand. It's just not enjoyable. My players turn into monster trucks in WL, make me second guess what I'm doing whereas when the gameplay is fast and responsive I feel unbeatable.
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