Suggestion for fifa 20

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I think itd be great if for next fifa, they came out with a way to make the game better in like every way imaginable. Given fifa 19 is a steaming pile of ****, if fifa 20 isnt a steaming pile of ****, that would be better.

Passing broken, shooting broken, touches broken, vision broken, player runs broken, broken broken broken boring boring bad bad bad.

I imagine that designing ****, boring, unplayable video games is bad for EA shareholders. So for shareholders sake, for the sake of 16 yr old footie addicts around the world, just do a way better job from now on.



  • Neil_LUAFC
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    My suggestion?

    Don't buy it lol.
  • Bakern
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    Neil_LUAFC wrote: »
    My suggestion?

    Don't buy it lol.

    Don't make it, even better.
  • p0larh4wk
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    Make fifa great again?
    But i think no one should buy this pile of crap ea makes. They obviously dont know **** about the sport
  • Ballsantini
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    Just played a game and messi would have open space for a through ball and every time just after i played the pass the receiving player would randomly change directions and run directly behind a defender.... 4 times, 1 game.

    Replay some of the top moments of the previous season

    Liverpool 4-0 Barca

    Tottenham 0-2 Ajax

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