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Bit of fun - can you name these players from there old FUT pics (without cheating)

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Wasting a bit of time looking through some players and was surprised to see some of these premier league players in past versions of FUT. How many can you name straight up without looking them up?

1. _315712702c4836582fcd505be8bf9a0b.png 2._53ff07b84f31d393580a7dee6d2005db.png 3._10cc4a3c526da28a91397e90ec84758f.png
4. _cb3bebd54f216495ac812d7de7d96077.png 5._9082bfcd205604700c9fc10328277849.png 6._f81932cf9b914e4a1a404badead83361.png
7._48aaeb1fd6a017eae111d28f9f68d512.png 8._ab239b5824cab586be3ff00d8a30d6de.png 9._1b9cae3108da01b55221b840d1e6aa60.png


as already said its only for fun there's no prize for this. If people know for sure who it is don't post links in case people want to have a guess, I will put the answers up tomorrow night.

Good luck.


  • Reezus
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    2. Charlie Austin
    3. Kevin Mirallas
    4. Fabio Borini
    5. Felipe Luis
    6. Loic Remy
    7. Adam Lallana
    8. Oscar
    9. Nathaniel Clyne
    10. Tom Cleverley

    Can't remember the first one.
  • Monkey
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    1. Schneirderlin
    2. Austin
    3. Mirallas
    4. ?
    5. Filipe Luis
    6. Remy
    7. Lallana
    8. Oscar
    9. Clyne
    10. Cleverley
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