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End of era cech

755 posts Semi-Pro
I want to dump him into a sbc cos he is useless, what would be a decent one to maximise his rating? Im thinking the moore sbc? I dont want to spend a lot of coins


  • Zambo9
    5553 posts Big Money Move
    Wait for a SBC player you are interested in. No point to use him to put in a SBC for a pack that will probably contain nothing valuable
  • kcichris
    1616 posts Play-Off Hero
    moore and pires are the cheapest icon sbcs but it makes no sense to complete them if you don't want to use them
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    16400 posts World Class
    Marco van Basten if u have a spare untradable base icon
  • xCDHx
    473 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Use him in one of the TOTS SBCs coming up soon.
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