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I know the gameplay is horrendous since the game launched however I hadn’t played in a couple of days. Have the usual culprits done something else?

Not a single pass is going anywhere near its intended target. I’ve played three games and cannot strong a pass together. I am also hitting the woodwork 5+ times per match.


  • Craigy21
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    I’ve just played a game with some weird lag, leading 2-0 and it gets all laggy, jumpy, the opponents players are running twice as fast and mine can get no where near 😂 he scored 2 goals and it went back to normal... I’m just like wtf is this sorcery 😂😂 all good fun though I guess
  • Rossco160715
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    I can’t stand this game.
  • Insan0
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    This lagg is never gonna get fix .. i know is bad i hate it my self .. that sometimes you have to lose because the game want you too .. best time to play for me is late at night and sometimes early in the morning .. other than that its bad .. it gives the opponent team the advantage .. you can even feel your opponents players stronger than yours
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