What are you doing with rewards?



  • Matt_Cornwall
    3598 posts National Call-Up
    Div 3 rank 2
    I was going to take packs but its prime mixed players packs and premium gold packs. Rank 3 gives out 50k packs and rare gold packs.
    Guess I'll take the coins instead. Seems stupid to have worse packs for rank 2
  • Jespersen32
    33 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Always coins, dont fool yourself
  • Rossco160715
    2627 posts Fans' Favourite
    Division 1, rank 1.

    Best player Illaramendi.

    Utter nonsense as usual from two ultimate packs.
  • Neal1982
    1031 posts Professional
    I took Untradeable and packed 88 Raul! Wouldnt be too bad except I completed his Prime SBC a while back.

    Suppose just need to decide what other SBC to lob him in
  • CarlosJr9
    602 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Coins as always.
  • DeanoZoff
    4738 posts National Call-Up
    Took untradeables for the 1st time today to prepare for tots sbc's.

    Got quite a lot of 84+ so might do it a couple more times
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