EA remembered the poor :)

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How about that Krüse SBC? My first POTM and it's not even Futties yet. I even packed a UEL special card of Giroud in the first pack, and sold that sexy beast for 56K, which let me finish the SBC, bought an IF Ayhan (because I submit my NIF Tah in the SBC), and saved 15K.

For one weekend, EA remembered the poor. And for that I will be eternally grateful :) <3

Ps. Haven't got the chance to try the new lads yet. But tonight is the night.


  • ZiaFC
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    Yeah I was also surprised by the requirements of this POTM as well. Be on the lookout for a UEL frankfurt player sbc soon too. There are two more to be released and since there are no Frankfurt special cards at all for this UCL UEL promo I think there is a good chance for a Frankfurt player to drop in SBC.
  • Gingerboaby83
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    It was a well priced sbc to do. Only cost me about 40k. Got nothing out the packs but was well worth the risk. Hopefully they will do more well priced sbcs like this for the normal players. Praise where it’s due to them.
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