4231 rcam and lcam problem

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Im using 4231 as my main tactic. Played about 700/800 games but i still can’t understand how to play with rcam and lcam. I mean, cam and st are my main attacking roles, rcam and lcam always feel like outside from the action. Maybe because this is not the best tactic for my gameplay...

I like to cross inside but i prefer to attack on the centre. Should i try a different tactic?

If you need to know im a g2/g1 player not elite


  • juliuscaesar8
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    It helps me to start the game with a 4231 (With RM/LM) and then switch to a 4231 with CAMS in game. That way I get players who are wingers by nature playing a little more centrally. Made players like Mane who got a goal every five games score every game or two.
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