Career Mode Changes Needed in FIFA 20

As a Fifa user who has been playing it for past 22 years (Since Fifa 98) and Career mode since its inception, I feel pretty sad to see our beloved Career Mode being ignored for so long when other less interesting (although more revenue generating), one’s with less potential to interest gamers have flourished quickly.
It is to request you from whole Career Mode gamer community to kindly revive this mode before its too late. People have been pouring in their suggestions for a long time now, across various forums and mediums. I have tried to consolidate them and put in my thoughts and here are my 2 cents:

New Game Modes
  • Introduce Online Career Mode (Sure to revolutionise Fifa franchise)
  • Owner mode to provide more focus on administration than games

Creation Centre
  • Ability to add new clubs, leagues and cup competitions
  • Ability to add lower divisions
  • Stadium Creator for generic stadiums
  • Edit Player Mode- Change everything about a player including appearance, physical stats, attributes, traits and position
  • Editable manager
  • Introduce Fantasy League in game

  • Introduce more realistic transfers
  • There should not always be same scripted transfers
  • Offer more than one player during transfer negotiations
  • Receive offers for ‘Loan to buy’
  • Avoid forced transfers where players leave club without reason (E.g. Homesick- But player doesn’t go to home country after transfer)
  • Make players searchable through their overall rating

Player Level Changes
  • Player potential needs to be dynamic
  • Enable Position Training
  • All attributes should be trainable
  • Ability to strengthen week foot and skills
  • Introduce Players’ personal life

Scouting Changes
  • More youth scouts

  • Reintroduce Visual Sim through which we can make tactical, player changes on the fly
  • Intercept game during game Sim
  • Introduce Youth Squads through addition of an U18/U21/U23 teams
  • Reintroduce fan, board, player confidence
  • Spend coins earned on Strategic XP, training boost, etc.
  • Reintroduce Internal memos where scenarios and decisions that affect confidence of board, fans, players, team chemistry
  • Introduce backroom staff so that they have impact on game, stadium, fitness, health, coaching, PR management, etc.
  • Reintroduce sponsors
  • Introduce new players in stadium
  • Farewell in last game
  • Option not to manage international team at the start of game
  • Scenario career mode in which one can start in between season
  • Manager to have family and other scenarios. Ability to prosper and suffer at personal level

Visual Changes
  • On-screen Ticker in game menu displaying live information of player, match, league, etc.


  • And it must be harder. Because fifa 19 career mode so easy
  • You have some great ideas and thoughts adi38612 but unless it makes EA money it's not going to happen in future game's I'm sorry to say...EA seem happy to kill off Career Mode bit by bit over the last 5 years in order to gain a few more FUT players...R.I.P Career Mode 26 year's old taken far to early from millions of loyal will be sadly missed...
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    True ❤️
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    1. Add more real stadiums such as Celtic Park, Ibrox and all stadiums in the EFL Championship. More suggestions for new stadiums are in this thread


    1. Implement historical records so you can view statistics from previous seasons such as match results, league tables, players stats and trophies won. Include an option to upload historical records automatically so you can view them online on the EA Sports website or within the game.

    2. Have match attendance figures that display the attendance after each match. The attendances your club gets should depend on factors such as what league your club is playing in, your teams results and how good they are playing.

    3. Have more stats on screen during the match i.e. when a player scores their 25th goal of the season or scores their 100th goal for their club, including a mention of this by the commentators.


    1. Have commentary that is more connected with your progress as a manager. In FIFA, the commentators mention the result from your previous match, but its rather vague. Include comments from the commentators about things such as-

    - If you narrowly won the league last season.
    - You just missed winning the league by a narrow margin.
    - If your club had a great achievement last season such as winning the treble.
    - If one of your players previously scored a memorable goal to win a match i.e. Giggs for Man Utd in the 1999 FA Cup Semi Final.
    - Milestone goals such as when a player scores their 50th or 100th goal for their club.

    2. Include mentions of the manager's surname in the commentary if the manager's name is in the commentary database. This will make the commentary feel more realistic and personalized.


    1. Show the players standing/walking in the tunnel before the match to create a sense of anticipation and a big match atmosphere.

    2. Have dynamic crowds so if a home team is losing by a large margin such as 0-3 or 0-4 in the first half then fans start leaving the stadium early and you see less fans in the crowd. This will make the atmosphere of the game more realistic and feel like the fans are connected to what is happening on the pitch.


    1. Revamp the AI and remove the rubberband AI that nerfs players abilities making them slow/lethargic with worser shooting accuracy, etc... Implement real AI that is based on the quality of each team and the team/players current form. Make the CPU perform more consistent on a match to match basis so there aren't 'blocks' of matches where the CPU doesn't turn up as there is currently in FIFA.

    2. Add a Co Op Career Mode option to allow more than one human player to manage a club so you can play together with a friend managing two different teams. This feature can be available both offline and online.

    3. Add youth/reserve league so you can develop next generation talent and create future club legends.

    4. Include the option to watch CPU vs CPU matches. For example, in the Champions League if a team in your group is playing mid-week when you don't have a match, you can watch their match and analyze their tactics, etc...


    1. When you join a new club, allow the manager to negotiate with the board and sign a contract for a specific length of time i.e. 4 years so they can commit themselves to the club.

    2. When starting a new Career Mode, include a 'Road To Glory' option so at first you have a limited selection of job offers and have to work your way up by managing a lower league team before you can manage big teams. This will make Career Mode more challenging and satisfying when you eventually land a management role at a big club.


    1. Add more depth to the player negotiations. For example, during a negotiation a player could say they want to play for a minimum number of matches per season i.e. 25 matches.

    2. Include Audible dialogue during the interactive transfer negotiations.


    1. Make the match sim engine more realistic with more varied scorelines and higher scoring matches. Currently, the most amount of goals a team can score when simming a match is 5 goals.


    1. Have a goal of the month and goal of the season feature which features your goals and goals from CPU vs CPU matches.

    2. Include stadium upgrades. So if you manage a League 2 team for example, you can upgrade to a higher capacity stadium as your club grows in stature.

    3. Include season highlights that gives you the option of watching highlights from previous matches in the season complete with commentary.

    4. Have a club trophy room so you can view your clubs silverware in a Trophy Cabinet. Including the feature of a 360° View of the Trophy Cabinet and option to zoom in and out. This will include all your clubs silverware throughout your 15 seasons career as a manager.
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    You've got some good ideas! I'd like to add that we need scouting of opponents. How can I adapt my formation and tactics when I have no clue about the team I'm playing against? It could be with an upgradeable scout: the more expensive he is, the more info you get on your next opponent. The info should include: tactics, possible line-up, injuries, suspensions, players in form, top scorer, weak points, ...
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    Virtually anything you can think to ask EA for, Football Manager has the rights to .. so.. ya 🤷‍♂️
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    Can they have an exclusive right on things like scouting the opponent before a game, stadium upgrades or manager creation (looks) though? Isn't that a bit like saying EA can make a football game but PES has the rights to passing and goalkeepers?
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    CBx2 wrote: »
    Virtually anything you can think to ask EA for, Football Manager has the rights to .. so.. ya 🤷‍♂️

    Football Manager on PC doesn't have any rights over Fifa on PS4/XB1, haha..

    ANYTHING from the sticked Career Mode Improvement Thread can be implemented. We just don't have a dev team who cares about Career Mode and fixing bugs as much as they do UT..
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    these are all excellent ideas. Too bad EA is too busy coming up with ideas to make more money of FUT to bother reading them or adding these features to career mode. I'm sure we'd all like the ability to expand our stadiums, change ticket prices, send players to reserves(where they actually play matches) and etc.. etc..
    there have been literally hundreds of great ideas posted in the forums and on fanpages in recent years but EA never adds any of them. They cant even fix the calendar glitch where you end up playing 2 games in 2 days or something like 4 games in 5 days. Cause they don't really care about career mode. Maybe they're just slowly killing career mode so they can drop it one day.... I for one will surely not be buying the next addition of FIFA unless EA proofs to me that they've proven to me that they've done a complete overhaul and fix of career mode. But as we all know, they're more likely to spend their time coming up with new "packages" for FUT like the ability to get guys like Pele, Maradona, Lothar Matthaus or Franz Beckenbauer on your FUT than do fix the once great career mode.

    R.I.P Career mode & R.I.P FIFA. We had some fun back in the day.. now you're just the shadow of yourself.
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    And it must be harder. Because fifa 19 career mode so easy

    There should be an option if someone wants AI to use legacy defending on career mode. I think it's easy to win all trophies because of tactical defending used by AI. Also the AI is predictable, same moves and tactics.
    I used to play career mode for many hours but now I'm not because I realized it makes me playing easy so whenever I play with brothers and friends I find it hard to win.
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    Anyone hating that thing when you can't see who's done most goals or cleen sheets in other leagues? If u have player on loan you can not see how many goals he have done.
    It's so enoying!
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