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Your opinion: best and worst Icons (that you've tried)

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edited March 2019
Prime Best: no other player I've used feels as fast. Plus superb dribbling, passing, and finishing. Best winger I've used period (apart from TOTY Neymar who I tried on loan. And I haven't tried any version of Mbappé). I would have loved to upgrade to his PIM card, but with the PIM Figo upgrade debacle, I'm not so sure anymore.

Prime Rivaldo: Seemed an average winger in terms of pace, dribbling, passing, and shooting.


  • DicaniosGod
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    Best Prime ADP and Best also 87 Crespo

    Worst 90 Hernandez
  • Noob_FC
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    Best PIM Socrates, before it was 89 Nedved and 88 best.... More than 2000 games easily between them
    Worst 86 Vieira.... Sold him after 4 games, conceding 18 goals in about 4 matches (2RQ at HT)
  • Arsenalfan97
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    Best primer del p the perfect cam quick agile and lethal.

    Worst Primer Gerrard. Clunky poor on the ball his shot didn’t feel that great and he wasn’t that great and his left foot is poor. 89 ballack was way better
  • fc_tosno
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    Best icons: prime butra + baby matthaus

    worst: baggio mid/prime
  • Foxsake
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    Best would be prime moments best
    Worst my vds waste of coins
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Worst was Rivaldo, bought tradeable and sold after 3 games.

    I love the 2 Icons I use now, Prime Best and Prime Rio.
  • Mako_Sulu
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    I've used 4:

    Prime Scholes - The only Icon I've ever packed, had him a couple of games but he kept getting overrun in midfield. Threw him into:

    Prime Zola - what a man, he is the Icon of my team - over 400 games played with him now. He's just perfect for how I play, great throughballs to Rashford, nimble enough to create chances for himself and great shooting outside the box. Has to be replaced around the 70th minute though - his only downside.

    Prime Baresi - did him for SBC fodder but ended up using him for a couple hundred games at CDM. Was pretty good, no real complaints but Futmas Torreira would often come on and replace him and preferred him. Really only stayed in the team for linking purposes.

    PIM Desailly - did the loan and wasn't impressed but then was feeling bored and did the SBC anyway, sacrificing Baresi. What a great decision, he's an absolute beast and feels totally different to when I had the loan.
  • Mr_Matchup1
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    I've used a fair few icons
    BEST - I agree on best top quality , not used a more clinical finisher this year .

    Top quality - prime Ferdinand and ballack

    Bang average - Prime nedved (did a decent job in midfield but better players available for a fraction of his price.

    Worst - prime rivaldo ( absolutely terrible wouldn't give 1k for him )
    prime Raul , I know some people rate Raul but I just couldn't get on with him , biggest waste of coins ever! made a mistake not doing the loan

    Also used Rui Costa, giggs, Zola , scholes, laudrup , Van der Sar, deco , litmanen,
    Veron, rijkaard. Jay jay okocha.socrates , Moore None were special for this point in the game
  • WellWornBeast
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    I've tried a bunch but the ones I havent sold yet and liked the most is Prime Best, Prime Petit and Baby Blanc.

    Did not like Prime Rivaldo, Prime Raul, or middle Henry at all.
  • Carlos181
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    PIM Gullit & Cruyff

    99 PIM Pele - Used him 10 times, and just couldn’t do much with him.
  • Markman007
    3055 posts National Call-Up
    I’ve been picky about icons this year so I haven’t used very many.

    The best for me is PIM Baggio. A noticeable improvement on the prime and just a lot of fun to use. At central CAM he is just a maestro.

    Worst was mid Klose. Not that he was particularly bad, just disappointing as I liked him in real life and he felt very very average. I’d still be willing to try the prime, though.

    Biggest surprise was base Nakata. He was really much better than I expected and I enjoyed using him as a CAM and even a CM, but he went into PIM Baggio.
  • lukey200
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    best - baby rijkard - baby best - prime nedved - mid blanc

    worst - mid Van der saar - baby & mid ADP - mid van basten - prime nakata - prime cannvaro - all desailly - mid mattheus

    i think they should be taken out the game - they spoil it - and its a big con
  • WarrenBarton
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    Best moments Socrates
    Worst is Shearer (childhood hero 😢)
  • captaincompost
    59 posts Park Captain
    Best: Prime Crespo
    Worst: 87 Stoichkov
  • Retropoe82
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    PIM figo so far an PIM gerrard..needed figo for perfect link to ronny

    Worst PIM seedorf
  • Joaopauloted
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    Best: PIM Sócrates, Prime Crespo and Base Blanc.
    Worst: Prime Van Der Sar (by far) and Prime Klose.
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