FB Vidal or UEL Kondogbia???

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So... I’m torn between the two as a CM in 442 alongside Makele. The SBC expires in 1 day so I need to make up my mind.

Any tried them both? Which is better?


  • bezo85
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    Haven’t tried Vidal but Kondogbia has been great for me. He has very similar stats which you can tweak with chem cards and he also has the chance of upgrades.
  • JT_cfc
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    Never used uel kondo, but used his gold and cl card. I really like him as a destroyer, a ball winner. Vidal is a cm who can defend, but not really a cdm. He thrives when you have someone defensive alongside him. If you want a pure cdm and destroyer get kondo. If you want a box to box, all rounded mf get vidal.
  • Karim-Denz
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    Reached first time Elite 2 with kondo uel
    After selling him, never reached Elite 2 again :(
    After the upgrade, i cant use im he is not french anymore
  • GLAN12
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    I have used kongdogbia for over 300 games and I cannot recommend him enough . Best player I’ve got . Absolute unit . If he was still French he’d be well up near 800 K now . There ain’t many better midfielders than him on the game
  • mindm4ster
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    If you can do Vidal's SBC with a lot of untradeables then answer is simple -goes down to costs I think
  • Rajarshi_CFC
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    UEL Kondogbia for me. An absolute monster.
  • DieWölfe14
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    Got 500 games out of the normal Kondogbia he was amazing
  • Wortel1981
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    I have both and they both are great!
    Have them both together at cdm and they work very well together.
    Only downside for Kondogbia is his nation change so more difficult to link him, but he really is an amazing player.
  • Stormnl
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    Is Kondogbia way better then Pogba as cdm?
  • OZero
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    Kondogbia is basically Vieira
    A complete CDM with decent attacking abilities
  • Nivaze
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    I run them both as CDMs and they compliment eachother really well.

    Kondogbia is a monster, he intercepts alot and outmuscles basically everyone with decent attacking abilities, he’s pretty quick and agile for a big boy and he has a good pass and shot.

    Vidal is more of an all rounder, he’s a little lazy off the ball due his workrates but he can move up the play so fast and also is really aggressive. I love how he gets the ball back high up on the pitch and can set up your striker for a 1v1 with just a single pass.

    I think Vidal edges Kondogbia for me, but they’re both really good. Vidal is untradeable tho and Kondogbia can still get upgraded.
  • TopClass13
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    People who haven't used both, why do you comment?

    So far only 2 have used both cards, I'd stick with their opinions, op.
  • DeanoZoff
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    Ive used both and Kondogbias weak foot is the only let down.

    I already have 2 left footers with 2* weak foot so having a third is a bit much.

    Vidal seems brilliant from about 20 games so far. Does everything well.

    But if you need a big physical presence in midfield then Kondogbia is great for that
  • Wortel1981
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    Stormnl wrote: »
    Is Kondogbia way better then Pogba as cdm?
    For sure!
    Tried Pogba aswell and he is better in attacking and creating changes (more CM role), but as a CDM Kondogbia wins it by far for me.
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