EA...Please take this advice!!!

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FUT birthday has been a massive bust so far in my opinion.

I was hoping for an upgraded Bundesliga left back to replace my gold Alaba I've been using for months!!!

I think pretty much everyone is busting for a top class FB/EoE Robben at a reasonable price (200-300k)

Release at least one top tier icon in both their prime and PMI formats. Your market is dead so no one is buying packs. A top tier icon will help correct the price or high rated players (86+).

Release a repeatable SBC for TOTW or baby/mid icon which will again help the market and also give us something to do!!!

Any other suggestions folks?


  • BigGuyStan
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    Make a playable game that even remotely remsembles real football.

  • Djkhalid1921
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    i was surprised when there was 10 mins left on the 100k packs and still over 30,000 packs. No one is opening these **** packs
  • Numlocked_
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    Fifa 20 needs to be a completely different game
  • tezmacfifa
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    Make a playable game that even remotely remsembles real football.

  • Renamed123456
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    Prime Server Moments
  • Mdx
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    Numlocked_ wrote: »
    Fifa 20 needs to be a completely different game

    It wont be, you buying?
  • DevineAaron
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    It puts the lotion in the bucket or else it gets the hose again.
  • smcali23
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    It puts the lotion in the bucket or else it gets the hose again.

    Now we all know what put buffalo Bill over the edge
  • ic3man
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    This game doesn't need new cards.
    It desperately needs decents servers + netcode, where you can actually play games without being a delayed lagfest
  • Numlocked_
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    Mdx wrote: »
    Numlocked_ wrote: »
    Fifa 20 needs to be a completely different game

    It wont be, you buying?

    Chances are slim
  • Numlocked_
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    Game Modes :
    Ditch Weekend League. Get Division Rivals to be the competitive mode. Add a Tournament mode that has specific requirements to enter. Get back Bronze and Silver tournaments aswell. This should bring balance between competitive gameplay and relaxed gameplay.

    Player upgrades :
    Get a system going that every player in the game (even bronze or silver ones) are upgradeable by playing with them. There could be a tab on each player profile with "challenges". There would be specific challenges for each player to upgrade that player. Every player starts out with a base card. If you play x amount of minutes with him, he gets a different card (dynamic image). From then on, you can upgrade the stats with certain challenges. For example "play x amount of minutes, score x amount of goals, x amount of clean sheets with him playing at least x amount of minutes". Make skills and weak foot also upgradeable for certain players. For Example if you score x amount of goals with the weak foot you upgrade that weak foot with 1.

    EA can use the SoFifa database to get the max rating for a player. This way you kinda implement career mode into Ultimate Team. The higher rated the player becomes, the harder the next upgrade should be. This way I also think many more players will become used since at the very start of the game people have no idea who the meta players will be.

    Chemistry :
    For me the current chemistry system is not fun because I can't use all my favorite players. The system could be changed. Get a base chemistry for a player in your team and make it possible to get that higher the more that player plays minutes for you. Maybe get players on the same nation or club a base chemistry of 5 because they already kinda link.

    Icons :
    Let every Icon start out as a base icon and be upgradeable again by playing them. These challenges can be the hardest because they are icons.

    Player positions :
    It's stupid that a striker can be repositioned to a cdm but a right wing can't play left wing on decent chemistry. Make it possible for players to get used to a position because they have played there a lot of minutes.

    Chemistry styles, training items :
    Not needed for me. Ditch.

    Fitness :
    For me I don't think these cards should be in the game. Make the system that your players don't drop fitness this much but make it so that you can't apply fitness cards. This way people will have to really build a team and not just a starting XI.

    Packs :
    Enough with the useless pack fillers that everyone quicksells immediately. No more player position cards because of the above system. No more manager leagues, this is stupid. Imo no more injury cards. If you get an injury your player should heal. Badges, balls, stadiums, kits don't have to be in there this much. Either way get their droprate down or get them attainable by some other way. Make them available in the store perhaps. For example I go to the store and give 500 coins to get the Real Madrid home kit. Done.

    Daily and weekly challenges :
    EA really should step up with this. The current challenges are pathetic. I don't wanna do a challenge for 100 coins or for a bronze injury card. We are 4 months in the game. They are useless. Maybe they should do challenges for novelty items for your players (like in The Journey for example). Maybe I want a certain player to have withe shoes instead of black. This is just something that adds another dimension to the game. Many will find this useless perhaps, but many will also like this.

    Gameplay :
    Obviously this should be priority no 1. The current gameplay is terrible and I think they should redo the code from the ground up.
  • Pikandel
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    I want RVP more, but I’ll take Robben 👌🏼
  • Barbwinho17
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    This game went for me a long time ago. Their pitiful promos have become more laughable as the weeks have gone by. The gameplay is really bad and doesn't even come close to resembling real football. Only playing pro clubs now
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