Thought I was getting better.

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Over the last few days, I've been doing a lot better against difficult opponents and difficult circumstances.

My new formation has been great. And I'd been beating Squad Battles on high difficulties even during times absolute bs is happening.

I started to notice that despite any bs or difficulty the game was chucking at me I was managing to overcome. Skill points rising and rising, beating Squad Battles higher rated teams on higher difficulties, overcoming constant pressure and drop back exploits.


I thought, as I seemed to have made progress.

Fast forward to today, now suddenly my defenders are all standing 10+ yards away from every opponent. Defense is genuinely impossible.
On attack my players are barely moving and are running 2mph on some really really slow rubbish.

Any time my player is begin a run, they take a massive charging up animation and then begin to overexageratingly pound their feet into the floor as if using loads of energy and move really slowly.

How can I be playing really well, to suddenly my players are playing really rubbish and defending from 10 yards away??? What is the explanation for this. Why is my team behaving and responding completely different to a day ago?

Note: players stamina in these example range from completely full to 50% (near end of game). I don't otherwise seem to have connection problems, even Apex Legends seemed fine. My depth is 4-5 on balanced.


  • Renamed123456
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    Glad I didn't make the "am I getting better¿" thread.

    Noticed even in difficult situations I was managing to find a way through. So now instead of difficult situations I get my players literally won't play at all.

    They're essentially playing how bronze players would if you started them on 10 fitness.

  • KnightRider1804
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    Same here ... Since the last Servers outage (I believe 2 days ago) the game is unplayable. I cannot string two passes together ... At this point, this is just ****!
  • Adrew
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    Sharing the feeling with OP.

    Please see my post

    2 days ago just 1 game away from promotion to Div 4 (thought that de Rossi had a good impact to my already-decent team), then suddenly 2 days later 1 game away from Div 6.
  • Renamed123456
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    5 depth to press midfield and my players are keeping this distance away from opposition even to penalty spot.

  • CovLee_Candice
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    Same here from 2000 to 1700 what a collapse
  • Renamed123456
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    Same here from 2000 to 1700 what a collapse

    I feel this mirrors exactly what happened in fut seasons last year. I got to Div 3 or 2 then bang 3 relegations straight.

    It happened in a similar way a few times. I got chatting with/ added a stranger and his promotion + relegation happened in the exact same way as mine. Really bizarre.
  • Tjahr
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    I felt the exact same thing too... Went down 500 skill points in a couple of days...
  • JURITO1000
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    I have always streaks like that. Im going from 1900 points to 2100 ,i have a feeling that im playing really good football ,my player running properly in attacks and create a lot of chances.


    Something change and its a completely different game. Same tactic,players,gamestyle.... My players doesnt run to create chances,my defenders are all over the pitch,cant score from shots which are previously been a goal
  • BernaLeo87
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    Same **** gameplay but have gone up from 1400 to 1700+ SR in last 2 days.
  • MHoney1234
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    It’s called lag. Servers have been unplayable for days.
  • madwullie
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    Your defenders will be able to close the man down if you take control of them
  • Renamed123456
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    madwullie wrote: »
    Your defenders will be able to close the man down if you take control of them

    No they're Not- that's my point. They're way too far to affect play. You can't "close the man down" as your player is too far. If I'm move to that player they'll just past to be next player who is in 8 yards of space.

    This continue well into the box your players stay out of range.

    Fyi I control my players and manual defend, these photos are showing the start position.

    I've played the game for a week and my players have not been standing this far away. Now all a sudden they are.

    You can't defend with one man when every other player is standing off 8,10 yards. And the biggest problem this is why are they behaving with such changed distance and behaviour when my settings are exactly the same.
  • CfcBlue
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    It’s so inconsistent that it literally sucks the fun out of the game. Yet all the you tubers seem to get perfect connections and consistent gameplay. Us poor people have to suffer as the rich get richer and reap the rewards.
  • Whatever formation and tactics you currently have that was getting you that success, in my opinion just stick to them. I've noticed the same thing and that lose streak usually lasts up to 3 games and then magically your team starts performing again.

    I believe the coding in this game makes us feel like we need new players, position changes for formation switches etc. This is what keeps the market alive and people buying packs. Also the higher skill rating means tougher teams and opponents.
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