TOTY Mbappe or Team Improvements?

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Hi all,

I’ve been playing with an untradable team for a while now (except 85 Blanc). Buying TOTY Mbappe will be end game level but leaves Aurier and Ibra on 8 chem. Good idea or not?

I obviouly need to upgrade Sandro and Fabinho but am also saving for an elite CM Icon. I have loads of 84-90 rated cards plus 2 icons ready for that day.


Only 85 Blanc is tradable.



  • Mike010
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    Buy Mbappe . You won’t regret .
  • mhh1981
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    Mbappe is unbelievable. Best player I have used this year. Scores for fun! 260 games, 340 goals
  • Lackosweat
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  • 3MenandaBebe
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  • Fabi1234
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  • El_Nino
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    I would go someone ever Fabinho, Could do SBV Matthäus?
  • Jonboyparker
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    El_Nino wrote: »
    I would go someone ever Fabinho, Could do SBV Matthäus?

    Yeah I like Matthaus. I have his loan to try but I just don’t like the idea of sticking 2m in an untradbale right now if you know what I mean? I have most of the cards in my club to do it but I’m just waiting for something a bit better. I don’t want to commit and then have nowhere to go.

    If I get Mbappe, I still have 1m coins. Surely I can get a good upgrade for under 500k?

    I’m also a bit wary of FUT Birthday round the corner and how that will effect players and what will be released?
  • Jonboyparker
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    Well I did it. TOTY Mbappe is in my club. Most coins I’ve ever spent.

    Need to upgrade Fabinho and Sandro now
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