kante plays bad

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I am playing 4-4-1-1

the middle is kante cm - hazard 93 cf - pogba cm

both kante and pogba are untrades. I've had pogba for months and he's amazing.
I packed kante in last week's rewards and he's been disappointing since. most games I sub kante at half time cause he's bad. I was playing before with fabinho nif (also untrade so I have him anyway) and he's mostly better.
Is it just me? I know ppl like Kante.

BTW kante is at cm with cdm on his card, I didn't change him to cm because he's on 10 chem anyway. does the position have any effect other than the chem before starting the game?


  • Recoba
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    He can't pass.
  • Jrbmore
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    You have to be careful with his passing but besides that he is a abosolute monster. I couldn’t see playing without him
  • Use Pogba for the main risky passes and stick an anchor chem style on Kante.

    I actually packed Kante last week in a 2 rare player pack and was thinking the same.

    After I put anchor on him it boosts his physical a bit which is noticeable.
  • Murphdogz
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    I packed him untradable week before last.thought he was useless.after about 20 games he is now a beast.
  • Has1988
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    I've used mine for like 500 games

    But now I've removed him as not being able to make a simple pass as it's vexed me out and cost me games
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    kante is amazing.

    Win the ball, pass it short. Keep it simple.
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    I’ve avoided him because of his height, I don’t know if that’s an issue you are having? I tend to favour physical players. I’m the guy that played poulsen sif out on the wing since it came out until last week😂
  • Karim-Denz
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    I hate every player with 2 star skills
  • Recoba wrote: »
    He can't pass.
    He's a liability, I swaped him with flashback Bradly who is a huge upgrade
  • Soccrraim29
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    I would use prime makele it's kante in steroids with jumping abilities
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    He gobbles everything up for me on the defensive end. If anyone is silly enough to try and go 1v1 on him it's a done deal. But yea, he's a liability on offense. I play 451 and 41212 narrow and he's in a key position to help get the ball forward and struggles with it. Def can't imagine the impact that a TOTY Kante or Matthaus would have on my team.
  • juliuscaesar8
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    Use Catalyst, makes him a passing machine as well as a defensive machine
  • Erashel
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    Okay thanks everyone.
    So anchor or catalyst? :D
  • Maximus AK47
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    I felt the same with Kante , bought and sold him 3 times .

    He is good in moving ball forward with pace and decent ball control.
    But defensively he runs around a lot , Fabinho is better positioned and better at aggressive tackles
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