Anyone used Carnibal Inaki Williams?

Flatout gamer93
199 posts Sunday League Hero
Any reviews? He looks decent!


  • GLAN12
    150 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Also interested in this . Not a ridiculous price either at 355 on Futbin. Got 300 K and could sell a few thing to bring him in
  • Enzfut
    358 posts Sunday League Hero
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ balance spoils the card unfortunately
  • Derryboy1893
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    edited March 2019
    Enzfut wrote: »
    **** balance spoils the card unfortunately

    Is this from experience or are you @Djkhalid1921 ing it
  • cule54
    735 posts Semi-Pro
    Had his IF for over 100 games and he was a boss. Waiting for his carniball to drop more and he’s mine. Oh and someone tell the balance guy that CR7 has 70 balance yet he is the most OP ST in the game. Balance has little to do with performance specially when you have 92 strength as Iñaki does
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