• bberger
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    bberger wrote: »
    Moe_86 wrote: »
    No Lewa for now , weird.

    Hoping for Quag/Donnarumma and any of the Bundesliga options. Will end up woth that French guy and a Korean instead..

    Was almost spot on.

    1st choice: Pique, French LM, Korean guy
    2nd choice: Columbian keeper, same french LM, same Korean guy..

    Went with Pique and that French guy.. at least one provides rating for an SBC and the other guy has good links..
  • Robbenhood
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    Moe_86 wrote: »
    Robbenhood wrote: »
    Donnarumma and Stuani. Happy with that. Donnarumma only one I wanted. Will go right into the squad replacing red 87 Donnarumma

    What do you think, is he that good? Because i am planning to get him and 91 koulibaly instead of Ramos and court

    He’s always been good for me. Doesn’t let in any cheap goals and will make the occasional great save. Punches the ball too often on crosses instead of catching it but seems like all keepers do that this year.
  • rona_94
    905 posts Professional
    Gold 1 - 2x81, the two bundes guys
    I can't believe it..
  • regia5bg
    924 posts Semi-Pro
    Out of 2x4 I picked Quagliarella 88 and Aranguiz 84. I hoped for something more especially for the 2nd pick :/
  • Boysie91
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    VVD and a 81 rated
    Finally a usable card after couple months of nothing.
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    A mosquito got me in the right arm a couple of days ago and that bite is red as hell.
  • Derryboy1893
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    Moe_86 wrote: »
    No Lewa for now , weird.

    I've not opened mine yet

    Have now and got Stuani
  • LiveDogs
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  • sido1968
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    S1 Kostic 81. Other picks were Maddison 78 and 76 rated Korean.
  • Loddar
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    88 Quagliarella
    86 Stuani

    both just SBC fodder
  • Redzed71
    145 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Van persie and schar,,every single week,just garbage! Gold 2
  • Gaz41S
    398 posts Sunday League Hero
    Got Van Dijk and lb from bundesliga
  • Headshrinker363
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    edited March 2019
    Stuani and Morata. Decent fodder. Gold 2
  • Smiley_Utd
    1894 posts Play-Off Hero
    G1 - Lewa & Stuani - Buzzing ideally wanted VVD but very happy with this!! best red by a mile this year :)
  • Torn4do
    1299 posts Professional
    G3 and got Stuani and mkhitarian, not amazing but certainly not the worst it could have been.

  • GLAN12
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    Packed VVD. Run a La Liga team , so selling a few cards to fit in my to a prem / La Liga
  • Yourouloneutd
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    GLAN12 wrote: »
    Packed VVD. Run a La Liga team , so selling a few cards to fit in my to a prem / La Liga

    Vvd red or from a pack
  • MHoney1234
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    LiveDogs wrote: »


    You don’t need them with Pele, Gullit, Eusebio, TOTY Neymar and TOTY Mbappe kid.
  • Wortel1981
    500 posts An Exciting Prospect
    - Sigurdsson 86
    - Morata 85

    Nice for SBC's i guess
  • ImAtrocious
    2752 posts Fans' Favourite
    Van Persie and some 78 :s
  • Clancy
    8484 posts League Winner
    86 mkhi

    probably destined for a SBC, but ill try him as a midfield sub
  • greif44
    6117 posts Big Money Move
    81 and 78. That's an insult
  • SinkXI
    943 posts Professional
    Both Pique and Donnaruma. Happy with them but both straight into an sbc as my club is bare and needed for Petit/Kurzawa
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    16709 posts World Class
    Actually got decent ones for a change. Mkhi and Fekir. Won't make my team but definitely be used as subs.
  • TheTormentor07
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    edited March 2019
    Got this tasty beast this morning 😎
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    edited March 2019
    Gold 3. Trash as usual. Gold 2 is better for me. Still get trash, but 85/84 trash instead of 81 trash.

    Edit: just looked. My 81 rated LWB has 39 defense.
  • Seleukos
    912 posts Semi-Pro
    Stuani an lukaku - save some coins in the next SBC
  • Delvinho
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    Gold 1
    Fekir and someone irrelevant

    Can’t complain really
  • Royboy
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    Redzed71 wrote: »
    Van persie and schar,,every single week,just garbage! Gold 2

    Exactly same here
  • Amdp9
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    wTF is wrong with my pack luck, Always finished G3-G1 each week, never packed more than 85 RED, last night was van Persie and some 79 ❤️❤️❤️❤️, Hate to see others pulling some sick reds being in silver level, such a disgrace of playing better game
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