Help me finish my team for WL

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Hey guys, just looking for some advice...

RB -
CB -
CB - Ramos
LB - Marcos Alonso

CDM - Prime Keane
CM - FB Ibra

RW - Bale
ST - Prime Nedved
LW - Martial

I have 1.6m to fill spaces first and then maybe some upgrades :smile:

Thanks in advance guys


  • anakintommy
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    Try another defensive minded to.Keane like Fabinho or a physically like pOgba or Casemiro

    Anyway I suggest Casemiro as a your CDM , his 89 and a strong link to Bale

    Ramos RcB, use any icon CB but I recommend 87 Campbell don't want, great stats

    And RB I'd use one of Carvajals inform for a to Ramos
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