Been away - team help?

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I’ve been away for a few months from the game. I stopped playing because I always expected too much from my team so wasn’t enjoying it. Am I better off selling everything and starting from scratch or having one or two superstars around a basic team?

Here my current team, any ideas are welcome!

91 Ronaldinho 89 Mbappe
91 Gerrard
Kante 87 Fabinho Pogba
Robertson Van dijk 88 Sanchez Walker
De Gea


  • Yusuf11
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    Drop Ronaldinho to CAM, sell Gerrard for maybe a Crespo type of striker or keep Ronaldinho up top and replace Gerrard for the highest rated Griezman card
  • Falafelmonster
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    Move Dinho to CAM, sell Gerrard or sell fabinho, move Kante to CDM and move Gerrard to CM.
    Upgrade Robertson. Get an actual striker.

    Don't get griezman though... He's trash :D
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