Share your favourite playable IRL/ Fifa team

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Just as a bit of fun I suppose, thought it would be interesting to see how many teams are full of current players vs Icons.

The challenge is to build a team of players that you rank as the best that you’ve actually watched play in your life time, that you think would play well together and of course, they must be in the game. For example, I think Messi and Henry would play well together, but not neccessarily Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic..

This is the team I went with, at my age I haven’t seen some of the greats play..

Formation 4411

GK: Schmeichel
RB: Dani Alves
RCB: Sergio Ramos
LCB: Carlos Puyol
LB: Roberto Carlos
RM: Kylian Mbappe
RCM: N’golo Kante
LCM: Paul Scholes
LM: Ronaldinho
CF/CAM: Lionel Messi
ST: Thierry Henry

If someone could tell me how to post an image, i will edit the post and embedd it..

What do you think? This will always be controversial!

Please post yours below!

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