List the untradeable players in your team u regret doing.

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Prime Nedved and Rijkaard

I regret dumping my prime Keane into nedved. Miss him so much.

Nedved is just not clicking. Falls over all the time, animating and stretching for simple pass. He just disappears in game.

Rijkaard... the only thing going for him is the height. His passing is another story for another day. Game just passes him by, doing ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all. Maybe his problem is the work rate.

I should have just gone with nif neymar and keep Keane alongside Kante instead of Rijkaard.

Oh well all in the past now. We move on.


  • Theomanny
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    What’s yours?
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    Probably Prime Nedved too. He doesn’t seem to match his stats. I put Nakata into him because I didn’t get on with him. I might as well have just let Nakata to submit in the future.

    Mkhitaryan is another one I regretted doing. He wasn’t as good as his high rateds on other Fifas. I dumped him into another SBC tho.
  • RayS
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    none tbh. They all served their purposes at the time. Some of them are outdated now yeah, but I either keep them as little momentos of my journey through FUT, or toss them asunder into an SBC like a maniac with abandon.
  • Fabibi94
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    POTM Rashford
  • RayS
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    Fabibi94 wrote: »
    POTM Rashford

  • stylemonkey1979
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    I was excited about Tevez for a while, but having since used Aguero and now added SBC Falcao I struggle to justify building a team around Carlito.

    He's finally a super-sub for me, largely because I just can't link him without using very specific players and formations.
  • WarrenBarton
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    Fb sturridge, went into Zlatan

    Been a good boy this year and have avoided a lot of tempting sbc cards. Even Luiz who was extremely tempting.

    Done Nakata and Baresi who don’t play much but they will go in a future icon sbc.

    Got prime stoichkov who is good but a crap nation for hybrids. Will be adding him to something eventually unless his prime prime has better wr’s, then he will go into that sbc.
  • none really, maybe zlatan but he was cheap enough

    oh i know! sturridge :joy: but he became insta-sbc fodder anyways
  • Theomanny
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    Fabibi94 wrote: »
    POTM Rashford

    Think am starting to feel the same about him. His passing has been ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lately. And clunky too
  • JURITO1000
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    i just finished Nedved and so far he is very weak ( 3 matches) ,so im dissapointed about him...hope i will find him good position
  • JayyThunder
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    None. I've done. Laporte (SBC fodder), ASM (in my team), Ndombele (in my team), Depay (in my team), Falcao (in my team), Prince (one of my favorite players of all time, on my second team), Ibra (cheap), Howard (SBC Fodder), Balo (cheap), Torriera (amazing, on second team).

    I'm very very picky with who I get, they gotta be cheap or fit immediately into my team. I'll never just do a player SBC just to do it.
  • Greezyweezy101
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    Nedved is class. I play him at CAM.

    POTM Rashford is the worst I've done, the way he plays does not match his stats. Beats NIF Mbappe on pretty much every stat but performs no were near as good
  • Tboon
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    Potm rashford :(
  • Moose Factory
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  • IxToMxI
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    FB Hernandez he went into Ibra
  • GLAN12
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    Don’t get why people don’t like nedved . The guy is mr reliable . Can play him all over the park , and pops up with goals and assists for a laugh
  • Rivaldo.

    took me 3-4 days to use him as fodder for someone else
  • UCL Kroos
  • Gainzy
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    GLAN12 wrote: »
    Don’t get why people don’t like nedved . The guy is mr reliable . Can play him all over the park , and pops up with goals and assists for a laugh

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I did FB Sturridge and FB hernandez, both of them lasted about a week before becoming sbc fodder.
  • hayhor1
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    Easily that special arnie card. Total 💩💩💩💩
  • o Magico
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    FB Luiz
  • Fabibi94
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    RayS wrote: »
    Fabibi94 wrote: »
    POTM Rashford


    I’m not the only one it seems :# He just doesn’t live up to his stats for me. Stats-wise, he looks as good as SIF Mbappe, who is ridiculously good for me. Rashford just doesn’t feel that good, tbh would love the 370k i’ve spent on him for something else...
  • Empyrium7
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    Futmas Matuidi
  • 206xhpt
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    Probably Rivaldo and Crespo, just because theyre on the bench getting no playing time. Waste of 4 icons..
  • o Magico wrote: »
    FB Luiz

    u wut? he's so good
  • Porsgaard85
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    UCL kroos and futmas coutinho (thou he has saved me sometimes In OT)
  • Bristolsmithy
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    Empyrium7 wrote: »
    Futmas Matuidi
    Noooo, he’s ace. Undroppable from my team
  • Drizzt
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    Futmas Ali
    Baby SBC...............................................................David Trezeguet...

    POTM VVD... Oh wait. Nope he's amazing.

    I know many wont agree, but I miss Prime Baresi. He was never amazing, he was just...there when needed.

    He went into my Prime Butra SBC. Defo don't regret doing him.
  • Ermski
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    It was POTM Rashford until i moved him into CAM, Awesome now.
  • CarlF
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    Prime Ballack. I've tried him at CM, CAM, and CDM. Nothing special in any position, and his stamina is dreadful.
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