Noticeable difference between ADP and Cruyff?

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Atm I use Baby ADP. Think he is really good. Got the money to upgrade him to Cruyff, even the 91 version. Is it worth all the money, and do I get a much better player than ADP?


  • Rookie_Gold1
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    ADP is good but not as good as he was in FIFA 18. That's just my opinion.
    He hasn't done well for me and havent scored against me. Came up against in FUT Champions 4-5 times.
  • AJS-17
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    Personally i don't think ADP is that good tbh, thats personal opinion, even playing against him he doesn't cause that many problems, but anytime i face cruyff he always destroys me, like every shot goes in, makes incredible runs, can't nudge him off the ball... Havent used him myself this year tho
  • ItsmeJose
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    Different styles man. I had 87 Pierro and 89 Cruyff. I found Pierro better at cam/cf and Cruyff as ST. I’m using 90 Pierro now there’s only a slight diff in shooting and passing from 87 but the the m/m works for me as I like to build up my plays
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