Current State of UT?

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Evening gents,

I took a break from Fifa mid December and sold up, not in a rage just through boredom.

I’m aware finesse shots have been nerfed ( needed), is the game in a better state now?

I’ve got just over 2m coins and have been contemplating different teams for the past week.

Opinions lads?


  • MHoney1234
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    Game is worse than ever
  • GeorgeGervin
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    I do a Dutch / eredivisie / Ligue 1 hybrid and it’s breathed some life into DR for me. Not enough for the WL grind but a few games here and there
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    Game is in the worst state in its history.
  • TWS001
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    It's probably in a minimally better state without the ridiculous finesses, but that isn't saying much. The gameplay is still a complete mess, and needs a ton of work to make it even halfway acceptable.
  • Skinner249
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    Nobody wants possession and 10 men sprint up and down like a double sided NBA game.
  • Retropoe82
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    I've pretty much been an stuck with a prem team. I change every year an always make a hybid at this rough point in the game la liga defence very op, prem mid seems to be very decent this year..attack anything thats french.. the game play saddens me to be honest, one game ur teams amazing then you come up against winnable teams an you lose dramatically.. its been a tough year i guess for all fifa fans. I just recently changed my formation an i seem to be winning again. My advice buy a cheap good mix of the above.its a love/hate relationship this the game/hate the gameplay an bugs.
  • bucs0576
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    Skinner249 wrote: »
    Nobody wants possession and 10 men sprint up and down like a double sided NBA game.

    Don't forget stamina is only noticeable with controlled player.
  • BernaLeo87
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    MHoney1234 wrote: »
    Game is worse than ever

  • JoshTheUnluckyGuy
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    You'll have more fun playing PES. Lollll

    It's honestly so disappointing. It's not a game anymore. It's turned into a game of patterns and exploits of glitches.
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