ur plan or what you will do diff in fifa 20 if you play after this mess?!?!?.


  • boekkie
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    Will buy it only for online seasons. Fut was fun in the beginning. Now its just all try hards with all 99 card stats and same teams
  • bigpokey24
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    deang07 wrote: »
    now alot of us have played fifa/fut for a long time now and most are hanging on by a string wether to finally put the game down including me.

    im so far invested with my team ect now in 19 tho ill prob stick it out and see what happens but im so tempted to finally say bye to fut this yr as it seems to drift further away from football the game we love.

    i think a huge majority in here prefer forums, sbcs , building teams, packs and all menu scouting than actually playing games at the min which is the major sign it needs a revamp.
    i mean im sure we all feel the game has us sometimes with the fact we have to check whats going on at 6 every day and so on in case of missing out on something , the addiction is real.

    i do enjoy the competition sometimes but its all become a bore , wl same kits,same stadium , same results.
    every week one mad winning streak say 16 / 2 then a mad loosing one and end up g1/g2 regardless of anything i try, how i play, who i play, what team i use ect i cant break the duck which is draining and making it all feel a chore rather than enjoyment.
    rivals imo is even worse however i do play both for rewards .

    i did give up fp b4 xmas which ive stuck to and im very happy about that and will be 100% sticking to in future games if they are still available , prob the best thing to come out of 19 for me turning a neg into a pos step lol.
    i know im still addicted to fut but atleast now i know they aint bending me over anymore with my hard earned cash .

    if you are going to crack on with fifa 20 after this mess whats your plans to make it more fun for urself and less stressfull .
    obviously there are signs there could be big changes nxt yr regarding fp ect but if its still similar or the same and u still get 20 how will u play it ?

    me im undecided yet if ill carry on with fut but if i do ill 100%
    1. stick to no fp whatsoever.

    2. i will play for rewards but only use the coins to upgrade my team as i go, im going to save all reward packs for promos rather than open them when nothing good is available, this way i still have plenty of packs to have fun with whilst buying no fp during promos,
    ( inspired by the "CHAP" who saved 1000 packs for toty.
    im hoping this will make grinding rivals / wl feel more worth it aswell as im saving up and stacking packs for an event rather than opening straight away being dissapointed and thinking what a waste of time lol.

    3. i will not waste coins on any silly sbc player i like the look of but know id eventually replace , only end game untradables next yr.

    4. expect the unexpected whilst at the same time expect the usual **** 😂😂😂😂.

    nah seriously just a few things ill do to make it more fun , less stressfull and enjoyable if i carry on once we see thier plans after this mess.

    what about you guys?!?!?!.

    You spent so much money on FPs....now you are preparing to dish out more cash.....I cannot wait to read more about your pulls ...also it is losing not loosing....two different words
  • The problem is, if you love football, there is no alternative...

    Might go pure, first owner only RTG next year to make it more interesting...
  • Nil Satis Nisi Optimum
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    I won’t be getting FIfa 20 on PS4. But if some reports are true that ps5 is coming out end of this year, I’ll probably get it for that.
  • Fifa19pro
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    Some wet wipes on here. If you don't like the game don't play it simple. Easier than coming on the internet all the time to complain about how the game is "broken".
    The fact is your 4321 pace team isn't winning anymore and you don't like it.
  • mdizzl3
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    This will be my last year of FUT unless FIFA 2021 does something mind blowing
  • mdizzl3
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    I've not played a single game in about 10 days
  • Fifa19pro
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    mdizzl3 wrote: »
    I've not played a single game in about 10 days

    Nobody could care less.
  • Boomba
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    I'll be trying out PES this year.

    If I dislike it and go back to FIFA, I'll want to not waste coins like I have done this year by changing teams; unless I have to.

    2 Neymars, 3 icons and a few other cards and my squad is ****.
  • OZero
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    You should always try out PES. It’s a better football game.

    Re Fifa 20 what we all should do (if continue to play) is to ignore icons. Just go for TOTY
  • mdizzl3
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    Fifa19pro wrote: »
    mdizzl3 wrote: »
    I've not played a single game in about 10 days

    Nobody could care less.

    Thanks for playing
  • Navraat
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    I will buy fifa 20 but no fifa points, theres no other game to satisfy my football passion

  • Andyh60
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    Superb post and yes so many echo's there.
    Yep biggest one is playing games actually the least interesting part and if it is its just trying to get the most out of any game I play.

    Squad battles this week being a perfect example.

    Until Friday it was like nah no point touching this, then ok weekly objectives out and well ok 3 wins on prof for 7 day icon moment loan so thought thought why not.

    At the same time this gave me daily objective of scoring with national player, any win on FUT and assist using a cross.
    The fact this and only this got me gold 3 soanother 10k, couple of packs and another swap player is yes a decent return.

    But yes point is it was purely to get all of this not actually playing the 3-4 games of fifa.

  • Springveldt
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    I got drawn back in this year with the value of Origin Premier (£90 for the year) but FIFA has been a complete mess, BFV is garbage and Anthem is a bit of a disaster as well.

    FIFA on PC will always have cheaters but this year it seemed OK at the start but as the year has gone on it's become more noticeable the amount of cheaters is rising. They are even cheating in WL now with people quitting just as the game starts, or taking control of your team or causing your game to crash through DirectX errors. It's a complete joke now.

    I definitely won't be renewing it and I doubt I'm going back to paying for a PS+ subscription just for FIFA. As it stands I've no intentions of buying FIFA 20.
  • Craigy21
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    Don’t think I’ll bother with Fifa 20 in all honesty. UT just seems like a massive cash grab now, cards after cards different colours but all massively redundant due to the terrible gameplay.
  • Batman_Llanber
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    I think pretty much the game was dead very early on this year.

    Next fifa is going to have to make a huge leap in terms of gaming, from gameplay to concentrating on other modes like career mode. Potentially EA have an incredible game on their hands as PES is light years behind. Now is their time to listen to what everyone has to say about this years fifa and go from there, everyone knows they need to turn down AI defending, goalkeeper movement.
  • Supermario911
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    I've been playing FUT since FUT10.

    I'll buy Fifa 20 like i do every year, it's like renewing my car insurance (it has to be done lol).

    Most people will say they won't buy it etc. and quit, but when the marketing kicks of for Fifa 20, everyone forgets about the previous instalment and buys it anyway

    We are addicted, regardless of the flaws, it keeps us entertained for nearly a year. No other game can keep me entertained for that long really
  • Futfanatic
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    Expectations for fifa 20: a fresh game, with smooth and consistent gameplay, with minimal hand holding and no game breaking gimmicks.

    Reality for fifa 20: introducing you to a whole NEW (it's the same) way of football! Now you are in control more than ever with the ALL NEW timed switching. Switch between your players with precision and control by pressing l1 once again when you really want to control your defe... cdm. Gain that split second advantage over your opponent by controlling the striker at the exact right time while he is still stuck on his left back. E A SPORTS. It's in the game.
  • czcash
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    I will play with a balanced, cheap team until TOTY.
    All decent reward packs will be saved until then, and then opened all at once.
    All **** reward packs (anything thats below rare gold player pack) will be opened and put into SBCs.

    Ill be super rich with a nice team around january next year i hope
  • D0lvl
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    I’ll be going back to an MMO if things don’t improve.
  • IAIK7
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    Icons are the only reason I'm still playing. But even that as a factor is now becoming redundant. Playing FIFA feels like a grind. I get more enjoyment from trading than I do from actual gameplay. I know I won't quit during FIFA 19 as I'd feel I've wasted my time building what I have. It's therefore easier for me to just not buy FIFA 20 is there aren't serious improvements.
  • MHoney1234
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    Nothing has really changed since towards the end Fifa 17, that’s when it started to go down hill.

    I genuinely believed Fifa 18 was the worst Fifa I’ve ever played, with ping pong passing, PTB and low driven, it was painful, but I actually thought the content last year wasn’t bad. The icon SBCs were good, it was more quality over quantity, I didn’t hate WC mode, it was a nice added extra. Then Fifa 19 arrived, and from day 1 the game has been a shambles.

    They’ve churned our lots of content and only a few SBCs have hit the money. The rest has been a joke. FFS and the state of prime icon moments have destroyed the game for me. I finished elite 2 in WL two weeks ago, and this week I’ve hardly played the game and did the bare minimum in WL. The AI defending, the broken random shooting, the ball bouncing like a beach ball and the fact that kick off goals are still in the game after how many years have made me give up.

    The game is dead for me, had 6 million saved up for a couple of marquee icons an realised based the predicted costs of top end marquee icon SBC, won’t be able to get them. I’m grinding for nothing. You used to be able to grind the top players, now you need to give 1000’s. I’m not doing it. I’m out after this year, the skill gap is zero and all EA care about is selling packs. It’s a disgrace of a game, from a shambles of a company.

    Zaro leading the community feedback, is like asking McDonalds to look after your pet cow.
  • tilen11
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    Wont buy 20. Havent played 19 since November and gave the game to a friend.
  • Gromit
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    Didn't buy 18 or 19. Will only return if its feasible to play bronze and silvers, to use non rare golds and the lesser leagues, build all kinds of teams and if there is some kind of less competitive casual mode.

    Seriously who wants to play the same OP teams, playing ultra defensive win at all costs for 1500+ games in a row. And thats before all the laggy gameplay and glitches.

    Used to be such a great game now its a totally contrived mess of a game with very little fun.

  • BSDShoes
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    Fifa19pro wrote: »
    Some wet wipes on here. If you don't like the game don't play it simple. Easier than coming on the internet all the time to complain about how the game is "broken".
    The fact is your 4321 pace team isn't winning anymore and you don't like it.

    OK how much is EA paying you?
  • Claretnblue
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    I played 17 a lot, got frustrated with the AI, held off from buying 18.

    Kept an eye on the forums, everyone said 18 was great, loads of skill needed, goalies were a bit ****, but other than that all good.

    Bought 18.

    18 was patched straight back to the AI OP defence of 17 and I was not good enough to make it work for me.

    Made the decision to swerve 19 totally. Checked in on the forums periodically, and all the same gripes were there - OP AI defending, players stuck in mud, nonsensical winning / losing streaks, players not reflective of the stats on the card etc.

    Would I buy 20? - Only when there is consistent game-play for everyone, and only if the "star" players play like stars. My Prime R9 played like David Kelly for 19 out of 20 games, then you would get that 1 game where he would score 5 goals from anywhere... then back to a bumbling donkey.

    Such a shame they cannot make the effort to prioritise game-play over content, because when the game is on song (translates to when i feel the game has been fair, win or lose) it is great fun.

  • MHoney1234
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    BSDShoes wrote: »
    Fifa19pro wrote: »
    Some wet wipes on here. If you don't like the game don't play it simple. Easier than coming on the internet all the time to complain about how the game is "broken".
    The fact is your 4321 pace team isn't winning anymore and you don't like it.

    OK how much is EA paying you?

    He’s a ball boy mate, clearly a troll. Dave Saves is that you?
  • bigpokey24
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    i will buy FIFA 20, and i will look forward to it..I will continue to buy FIFA ...because that is the only game i play.... if FIFA never existed, I very much doubt i would ever play a video game
  • Supermario911
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    tilen11 wrote: »
    Wont buy 20. Havent played 19 since November and gave the game to a friend.

    Curious to know why you still go on FIFA forum if you don;'t play?

    This is the kind of addiction i was talking about, I stopped playing GTA 5 a while ago and don't bother with the forums etc. but people still follow the FIFA forum/updates even if they don't have fifa 19 lol
  • FCBlunt
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    sheffutd87 wrote: »
    I won’t be buying Fifa 20

    I just realised that they’re done with the journey. It might lead to some good changes, but I wont buy it unless everyone raves about it on the forum. I mean, ‘thank you EA’ threads that are not sarcastic assults on them.

    I bet they’re going to announce The Trip! The second installation of the gamemode no one asked for, three years in a row.
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