FUT Worst gaming servers

Absolutely horrendous servers. i did every troubleshooting and have had chat with support team. non of your team solved that problem.why dont u just accept you have the worst servers in the world right now in online gaming platform.


  • Paquetesousa
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    Right now? Lool it has been like this for years lol they have no idea how do code efficientely on the server side of things, hence the heavy load, hence the even crappier Gameplay
  • fazer
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    All SAaturday servers = crap slow **** - Its not possible pass in corect direction - not possible shot - And peoples still put money in this game for Fifa points - its amazing how peoples cant be so less brain when company take regular huge profit and in same time they are so greedy they cant even spend small % of ernings for fixed this patetic slow laggy servers.

    Im understand some peoples love spend additional money in not working game.
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