For all who quit the game...

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I did quit FIFA today and I was surprised that not just me took this step. Today I saw a lot of threads here or on Reddit for people who actually did quit the game complaining about different stuff. So for that, I have a question for us the quieter, why did you quit FIFA 19?
1- absolute unfair pack weight even for someone spent money on FIFA points.
2- gameplay, this one is a big thing since every game you play it way different than the other one.
5- toxic community (not ea fault )
6- the new prime moment's icon. This one is the killer for me when you feel that you been scammed and you are 33 years old it is really bad.
Ok, guys feel free to share with me, maybe they will read and try to get us back.


  • DicaniosGod
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    See yah!! 👋
  • Team Sam
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    Do you mean "quit"?
  • Red_Arrow_FC
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    Team Sam wrote: »
    Do you mean "quit"?
    Yea sorry my stupid keyboard
  • limjitwe
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    I’m still kinda enjoying the game frankly. I mean I’m just D3 gold 2 standard. Doesn’t bother me too much if I lose
  • Nice thread, I quit due to gameplay mainly
  • Jonboyparker
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    The only thing that annoys me is gameplay/delay.

    Everything else is a choice. Pack weight is only bad becuase people put real cash into it. If you take the free packs in game, it’s actually not that bad.
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  • Gooner93
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    Unbalanced AI assistance combined with sheep using drop back and high press tactics were my reason.

    My pack luck also did nothing to keep me.
  • BeardedBerk
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    quit last week due to gameplay going from bad to worse each week
  • Janscharie
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    The forums are the only fifa related thing for me right now.
    Deleted my fut club last week.

    - Gameplay. The ai handholding. The S-word when you just know your oppo is gonna score because the ball can't be cleared for 10 ingame minutes and your team just stands still.
    -Godawfull servers
    -The money grab with ridiculous promos.
  • SuperRob
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    Constant delay is my biggest issue which is not being addressed nor will it ever be. It gets to the point where no matter how good your players are, they cant compete against inferior players stat wise who are just quicker around the pitch due to delay.

    If this ever got fixed i would think about returning but this year will be my last (have played fifa since 94).

    The blatant cash grab of the new moment icons would make it harder for me to come back as this just showed the contempt and lack of respect Ea has for its customers
  • Liamalone
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    #3 for me.
  • Liamalone wrote: »
    #3 for me.

    Yh 3 is the worse 😂
  • Torn4do
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    Can’t agree more with number 3, this has to be the worst thing about FIFA!!
  • hayhor1
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    Maybe your issue is you cant count? 🤣
  • Vii
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    #3 is like my defence on through balls and long lump passes.
  • mindm4ster
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    hayhor1 wrote: »
    Maybe your issue is you cant count? 🤣

  • Wi1son73
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    So what is number 3? I’ll say inconsistency
  • Wi1son73
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    limjitwe wrote: »
    I’m still kinda enjoying the game frankly. I mean I’m just D3 gold 2 standard. Doesn’t bother me too much if I lose

    The loosing isn’t really the issue though...
  • Moose Factory
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    Wi1son73 wrote: »
    So what is number 3? I’ll say inconsistency

    We may never know now that he quit. This will haunt my sleepless nights. What was #3? What was #3? What was #3?
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    Again, people like OP who spent in excess of $4000 on this game have waived their privilege to complain as they are very much culpable for this mess.
  • ILevis
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    Again, people like OP who spent in excess of $4000 on this game have waived their privilege to complain as they are very much culpable for this mess.

  • Wi1son73
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    Wi1son73 wrote: »
    So what is number 3? I’ll say inconsistency

    We may never know now that he quit. This will haunt my sleepless nights. What was #3? What was #3? What was #3?

  • mway
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    To enjoy this game just play with an 82 gold team. If you lose you just don´t care. If you beat an icon or totty team you really enjoy when the other guy pull out the cable :D

    My Gold 82 team. Rulli, Gaya, Gabriel Paulista, Nacho Fernandez, De Marcos; My 3 pacmans ( Fred, Kondogbia, Ander Herrera ), Martial, Giroud ( 50 goals in 60 games ) and Dembelé.

  • RandomLhama83
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    2..... without a doubt...
    because whats the point in grinding towards a better team if you cant play the game cuz the servers are delayed and gameplay is broken? and honestly think the new promo has made the servers even more delayed. its just at horrible lvls now.
  • Mr_Matchup1
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    I'm done , I had 3 icons ready to give up for a big icon then they drop this super prime crap that I won't be able to afford . I've got nothing to aim for now so CBA , just sold my tradeable stuff and packed the coins
    I'll delete my club later on
  • Laurens1998
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    For me it's just the fact that I don't enjoy the game. It's just being addicted to improving my team, whilst I forget why I even play games. I play games to enjoy them, to ease the stress. This game gives me stress, whilst I could enjoy good games. The enjoyment is in creating a good team, not the gameplay itself which is just rubbish. It doesn't matter how goof my team is, Gabriel Jesus will always score more against me than my prime Henry will do for me, as he just keeps hitting the post.
  • ValtorSadek
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  • Royalwhite
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    I think of quitting as well just waiting for #3 to finally decide 😅
  • I want to start like this:
    I GUESS, that a football game is quite complex to create, compared to other genres like Shooters and Racegames.
    I guess that this the case because:
    1: The players need to move and behave as a team. The situation on the pitch constantly changes and at least 20 players all need to adapt to changes in positioning of the own players as well as react to runs of opposing players (ideally also as a team).
    2. Interactions are also quite complex. Standing tackling for example, in real life, is overall quite complex and the success of a tackle depends on so many things. I get it, that it's hard to model it in a great way. I guess a Shooter game is quite straight forward in comparison: You aim to where your opponent will be, when the bullet reached him, and if nothing obstructs the bullet, it will hit.

    The reason I startet like this is the following:
    I only recently learned, that it's not just the Football Simulation created by EA, that has some major flaws every version. Apparently that is also the case with Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1 an 5.
    I came into contact with a few hardcore gamers (PS4), and they all agreed, that those Games where 'unplayable' when they first released and it took about a year of continous patching, until the games felt fine. Now with Battlefield 5, those patches apparently often enough **** up just as many things, as they repair.

    If you made it up to here, you deserve to know my reason for quitting:
    EA is not up to the task of making a good football simulation. It's a difficult job for any game developer, and an impossible task for EA.
    Especially, since they take ages to improve the game and this game re-releases every 12 months.

    The player switching this year is also the main driver for the escalation of my unsatisfaction with the game.
    I mean seriously, the switching of players is of such paramount importance in a team-sport game. It's like you would play a race car game, but when you input 'Switch Gear Up' it just does the opposite on frequent occasions.

    Actually I have the theory, that FIFA needs this handicap, in order to let people create chances. Defending is quite easy this year, especially with the physial strength of players beeing so overpowered.
    Knowing what I do about EA, the most reasonable explanation to me is that if (human)players defend well enough, there is hardly any way to create chances. And EA fixed this with making defending close to impossible from times, with that **** player switching.

    I have no unterstanding at all, to have such a major malfunction. That shows me, that they do not have a solid game-mechanic-framework covering the most important features, around which they tweak the game.

    Accordingly, what bugs me most, is that the game is not evolving in a continuous fashion .
    It's like every new FIFA, the sit together 2 weeks before the Demo is due and roll the dice on which attribute to boost this year, in order to make the game feel different. And then the Janitor gets to play with the Code and voila, there is your new FIFA.
    For every thing that worked horribly in the previous verion and was fixed, another thing that worked well before is **** up. That's how i feel at least.

    Therefore, I see no reason anymore, to believe or hope, that EA will one day make a good FIFA with a reliable and balanced gameplay.
    At least not until they changed to supscription based game, like mentioned from on of the EA bosses in an article I read. (Where that Dude said, that in the future, you might pay a monthly fee to play FIFA instead of buyin the game every year. And they will modify the game continuously instead of 'big leaps' once a year. I actually think, that is exactly what FIFA needs.)

    Especially since overpowering certain attributes makes certain players unplayable. I feel that's the case with 92 Throwback Ibrahimovic and van Dijk this year.
    That again, makes those players super valuable to a team, and to the humans and that is exactly what EA's purse needs.
    So yeah, I also think that an unbalanced gameplay in terms of overpowering certain attributes, is part of EA's strategy, to generate a set of super-players, that the money spenders can enjoy in their team.
    After all, if people do not feel, they are getting something for their money, they'll stop buying FIFA Points, and that's the last thing EA wants, since as I read somewhere, they make 20% of their almost 5Billion$ revenue with FUT (yes, that 1 **** Billion with).

    To summon up
    1. EA is way to bad in creating games, as to create a good football simulation.
    2. Even if they could, EA is not interested in creating a balanced game, but instead in creating a game, that encourages people to spend money on lootboxes. This, they do very very well.
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