Players that play well at LCAM & RCAM?

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What players work better as wide CAM’s? Bigger stronger players like Perisic/Bale or smaller players like Neymar/Costa?


  • Nobber93
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    I use Messi as a LCAM and the space he gets is lethal
  • RobBanner
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    Depends on your style of play, but I imagine you'll find both will work.
  • Renamed123456
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    Bigger stronger players like Perisic/Bale

    I expected I'd prefer small dribbly technical players but find they get muscled out and tackled by long legged midfielders.

    When I've put bigger bois there they seem to fair a bit better.

    My current CAMs Perisic. Zlatan.

    Oh just realised you said wide...
    I find it goes same for Winger. Anyone who works well wide works well at Wide CAM. but when more central bigger lads work best.
  • number7rocky
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    Nif CR7 at LAM
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