FB Luiz, Rijkaard or Crespo

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Hi all,

Using mostly untradbales to complete an sbc (+Nakata). Who would be the most beneficial for the team?


Team is mostly untradable except Kante and VVD. Everyone on 10 chem except Ibra on 8



  • nicogrch
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    Larson for Nakata, Ibra would be on 10 i think and Larson is levels above Nakata
  • Has1988
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    Depends what your after tbh

    If you want a defender then yes Luiz
    A midfielder then Rijkaard prime is great
    Crespo also a very good striker

    Do the one that you want the most
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    Swap kdb and Kante for full chem?
  • Mutu10gol
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    what kind of question is this? they are all strikers? or midfielders? or defenders?
  • Jonboyparker
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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I’m just making an untradable team really. I have coins but didn’t want to go spend too much.

    Decided to do Luiz. Did the sbc with ALL untradbales. Will Dave Nakata and Campbell for an Optimus Prime sbc.
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