88 Maldini reviews?

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As title guys- how is he?
thinking of selling my FS Mendy to fund him- would he be an upgrade?


  • cantonagod
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    anyone guys?
  • hayhor1
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    I really liked him as a 7 chem cb. I'm thinking of bringing him back.
  • Dutch3723
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    I think he’s great at lb and is perfect for those back post crosses but he won’t offer as much going forward, I orefer my full backs to stay back so he’s superb for me but if you want more of a wing back style then you might look at a more offensive player. Also played him as cb in both 2 cb and 3cb formations and he’s very effective there too.
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    Does his agility let him down at LB? Thinking of replacing RTTF Telles with him
  • Dabizas
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    Im using him at cb. He's rock. Im div2 wl elite 3 player
  • cantonagod
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    Cheers guys- thing I will sell mendy and pick him up then
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