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For the hardcore fans

354 posts An Exciting Prospect
I have roughly 1.2 million coins in players and 3 untradable icons. I was waiting and saving for the gullit SBC which apparently not going to happen and if it does it will be for a moments one which will cost more. Should I drop my icons into sbcs now or is there any chance I’d be able to afford the gullit moment if they have one. If I can’t I am looking for a centre midfield so it would have to be rijkaard or nedved. Is it worth it


  • Royboy
    740 posts Semi-Pro
    If you want either Nedved or Butra then you still have a few more days. Wait until the last day for whoever you want, with hope of moment icon SBC dropping and you can have a sense of how it’s going to be
  • Finesse_4days
    8703 posts League Winner
    I wouldn't waste my icons in Nedved or Rijkard TBH
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