The moment you know you will lose the game.

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Just need 2 or 3 minutes in the game, when you realize that your Ai players forgot to bring their AI to the match.
And why it's always one sided? You really can't win when playing 1 vs. 11.
It's just funny now to see the defenders just standing there to let the striker run pass them, Instead of tracking and marking.
And when attacking, my AI players just standing there, not running into spaces.

My question is what caused this phenomenon? Delay? I know I have some input delays, but why the AI players?


  • IRON_KY94
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    I have these games. Missing open goals and easy chances then my opponent scores a worldy from miles out
  • nsholmberg11
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    Seems like I can tell within the first few plays, by the 20’
  • Renamed12345678
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    It happens to me every game. I am sick and tired of it. Every game my players are static and don't follow the run and when I attack my players just stand on the spot. Disgusting! I hate Fifa. Terrible, Terrible...what a disgusting game.

    The tagging is crap. Passes going amiss, one on one is difficult to score than some one shooting from outside the box, miss close range chances every game and many times in a game, hit the bar every game and in game, de gea a complete joke in the goal, lower rating keeper out performing him in a match, L2 seems not to work at all becos the opponent still gets the ball. Every tackle won ball still goes to the opponent.

    Ea sport so you know gaming is meant to be enjoyable but Fifa 19 is not. It is full of dumb AI.
  • HysxteriA
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    You can't say what it is.
  • Renamed12345678
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    AI taking your players out of position without you controlling them
  • Renamed12345678
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    Every goal from just outside the box or cross which always find their players except one I do it the defenders are there to clear the ball.
  • Professor
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    AI taking your players out of position without you controlling them

    Happens to me all the time. I'm trying to cut the passing lane but my players runs straight to the player with the ball and does an auto lunge tackle and misses of course.
  • Williejno1
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    We are not allowed to speak of this strange phenomenon on this forum
    But totally agree with what your saying it’s so obvious now I can tell the outcome of a game in first few mins
    in rivals now I simply just pause and quit just can’t be assed playing games when I can’t controll my players and constantly battle all the random bs that goes on
  • Jpo41
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    I know when, I miss 4 green timed regular shots with aguero and my defenders run away from people in the box
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