HL Dembele

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Any reviews? Used the search but barely seen anything on him. He'd play CAM.


  • Flexus
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    He is pretty good for my team. He plays as cam in a 41212 narrow behind RTTF Cavani and FS Saint-Maximin and he has a 1 goal contribution per game. 35 games played 25 goals 12 assists. His dribbling is one of the finest in the game. Even if you don't use skill moves he is so fluid and quick that you really don't need to be a high level skiller. Sometimes he is not in the right place where you need him but most of the times he creates you chances where you didn't expect one. His 5* WF makes him unpredictable in front of the goal and he can score from all angles. Only big con is his lack of heading ability.

    Before I bought him I played IF Hazard, NIF Neymar and Stoichkov on his position and I prefer him. I think value for coins on this card is an 8/10 because you can get the IF Version which is pretty similar for 1/3 of the coins. But I hope he'll get another 1 or two informs.

    BTW I tried him for about 20 games in the last WL. Made some coins on trading in the meantime, and bought middle Stoichkov back to replace HL Dembele. After disappointing 10 games I sold Stoichkov and brought Dembele back. And that was the best decision. So yeah I recommend that card to you.
  • Bevlarrrr
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    I’ve been debating him aswell but playing him LM in a 4411, might give him a try after reading this
  • Toonleew
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    He is awesome . Turns better than any winger I have used abd his 5 star weak foot makes him lethal. Sold OTW Felipe Anderson as this guy is so much better.
  • SP300x
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    Got him untradeable and use him as RM he is unbelievable always scores or assists
  • madwullie
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    I got him to replace CL Neymar as needed a green link for Messi. Play him lw in 433(5). He's only scored 1 in about 5 so far and hasn't really stood out being honest. But he's not a bad card or anything, just not been a game changer thus far.
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