Where did you finish in WL?


  • Jaysin
    1329 posts Professional
    20-8, didnt bother playing the other two :)
  • Vezzo
    1207 posts Professional
    If I do play all 30, it’s always Gold 3 or 2. Never higher, never lower.

  • Laurens1998
    114 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    After a dreadful start I ended, once again, in Gold 3 with 2 matches left. Some games I lost were absolute theft. It was truly horrible on Friday, but on Saturday I found my flow and won 7 in a row. Then it went downhill, but playing those last two matches would be an overkill.
  • Mike010
    198 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    First time i got 23 wins !

    Went from 16-1 to 18-7 after that i reached 23-7.
  • Batman442
    4959 posts Big Money Move
    edited February 2019
    Gold 1 had three left, lost next so stopped playing at 20/28.. going to add that the gameplay was terrible this weekend, passing, player control and movement was awful. At some stages I could not switch player for defensive duties, I use the right analog to switch and it didn't work most times. Most games felt like my players were skating aswell.
  • Hagooey
    306 posts Sunday League Hero
    20 wins again. No matter what I do I can’t get to elite.
  • BogusTommy
    625 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Gold 2, 18-11. First WL in FUT19. Expected it to be harder as I am stuck in D5 i Rivals.
  • watford110
    308 posts Sunday League Hero
    went from 8-6 on Saturday night to 20-6. Then lost my next two so stopped playing.

    Been stuck on G1 for weeks.
  • iggypop
    601 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Finished about 5-3 and couldn't continue due to how little enjoyment I was having, first time I haven't played to at least 11. Really can't see my playing rivals to get 2000 points. Guess this was my last WL of fifa 19
  • Smiley_Utd
    1872 posts Play-Off Hero
    G1 as usual, would love to have the mental power to get to E3 but always struggle at the end.
  • TVP161
    81 posts Park Captain
    Vezzo wrote: »
    If I do play all 30, it’s always Gold 3 or 2. Never higher, never lower.


  • Arsence
    151 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    19-11, my third WL not too bad. Hoping to make it into 20 wins + next week with an improved back line!
  • Janscharie
    358 posts Sunday League Hero
    Gold 2. 17-11
  • Foxsake
    2680 posts Fans' Favourite
    19 wins with 2 disconnects
    I always hit 19 so the other 2 I prob would have lost anyway
  • Nervous_Nick
    6357 posts Big Money Move
    edited February 2019
    First time ever i finish gold1.
    Toty cr7 in my team helped a lot :D:D
    4 months of trading finally paid off.
    My 18th win was a robbery...1 shot on goal vs 13 shots on goal...Courtois saved anything for me....it was one of those games, but for once fifa gods were on my side :D (usually it’s the other way around)
  • o0OainavO0o
    2520 posts Fans' Favourite
    edited February 2019
    17 wins, 11 losses, only got smashed 2 games and rest of losses were by 1 goal or on pens, went with an all untradeable bpl side this wl for the first time and enjoyed it. b217007b27385c0b616b37a96cbefcd7.jpeg
  • Theomanny
    1976 posts Fans' Favourite
    Finished 19 wins again and again and again
  • Gripbrah
    530 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Elite 3 for the first time playing mainly 4222
  • Springveldt
    4831 posts National Call-Up
    Busy weekend so didn't really have time.

    Finished 4-1, not even sure you get anything for that?
  • KinggHuss
    2057 posts Fans' Favourite
    Gold 1 with 2 games left
  • AJS-17
    1135 posts Professional
    G3 with 7 games remaining
  • Mikeysaio
    182 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    14-3. The game started getting so boring so I called it quits early on.
  • YB_11_
    372 posts Sunday League Hero
    Gold 3
  • Royalwhite
    514 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Played 30 finished Silver 1 ( my 3rd ) , it seems this is the highest rank allowed to me by EA no matter what team I am using !
  • neo_wolf82
    420 posts Sunday League Hero
    Standard for me.
  • Wiljoy
    156 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Gold 1 with 2 games to go
  • BaccaTheNet
    903 posts Professional
    Gold 1
  • BenGriggs420
    503 posts An Exciting Prospect
    edited February 2019
    Used my main squad. New addition was HEADLINER Rashford.
    Brought him in at the expense of TOTW Kane, TOTW Sterling, TOTW Lukaku, UEFA Matic, and DeGea.
    I sub Rooney and Sterling at 63 ish for Ibra and Allessandrini.
    All in all, I finished exactly the same but it was a grind. NEEDED last match to finish right where I ALWAYS do. Last match. Went to PK. I won on last shot.

  • istvanovits
    206 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    23-4. didnt really had the time for the 30k.
  • number7rocky
    5909 posts Big Money Move
    edited February 2019
    The norm. 23-6, matchmaking wasn't kind on sunday/Monday early hours, played a couple top 100 level guys and multiple high end elite guys all with crazy teams game after game, beat several of them.

    Started WL 0-1 though and then went 12-1 before my next loss
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