Three things ruin the fun in my WL run

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This is my 1st full run after patch. Without surprise I got 21 wins and stuck in G1 again. Without timed fs, now i see clearly the big problems in WL. For the 9 loss, Only two of my opponents I feel they deserved the wins. For the rest, I got the following three unfair situation.

1. Rebound, rebound, rebound until the ball reaches my box, scored. Rebound is the most effective pass to break my defense. Personally, I feel the games are manipulated by the system.

2. Penalty. I control my cb standing closer to the striker, he fell and it’s penalty. I basically did nothing, but stood closer. Two 0:1 loss like this. I dominated the whole game but couldn’t score because of 3.

3. F**king-hitting-post-curse. In mutiple matches I lost, I dominated but couldn’t score. No matter its header, low driven, or first time shot, all went to post or croas bar.

All the three things above made me frustrated and I did feel the games were scripted or manipulated.

Tbh, PTB or AI defending is not a problem to me. The three things above ruined the fun in my WL.


  • fazer
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    And this is your main problem during WL ? Mayby we playing in different game but main biggest problem is connection Lottery when im play around 10-12 games per day in WL always im have at lest one day with bad slow gameplay .

    Slow gameplay = close to 0.5 secund delay button - slow player reaction - random not correct pass direction compared to what im put in my controller - During slow gameplay is 2 times harder win even with bad opponent.
  • BladesManSUFC
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    We all know what happens at times... that’s about the time I turn it off because it’s way too frustrating fighting it
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