mid Socrates vs mid Seedorf

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CAM in 433-4

I really like both. Same price. Socrates balance throws me off... is it a problem? Since Seedorf originally is CM, is it a problem?


  • LovelyVillain
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    Seedorf by a mile! I hated Socrates. He was so mediocre and was no better than SMS. Seedorf is special. I chose the 88 and I’m so glad I did. He feels like he can do anything, from defensive duties to passing to scoring. Middle Seedorf is probably my fave card right now.
  • LovelyVillain
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    And yes Socrates feels extremely clunky. Felt very easy to knock off the ball despite his stature. Shame because he had amazing balance and agility irl and was very graceful on the ball, but in this game he is basically a truck on skates.
  • HysxteriA
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    Couldn't disagree with the guy above anymore. Socrates is absolute top tier. One of the best CAMs I've used all year has everything. His shot is something else it's mental.
  • emylonas
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    @LovelyVillain, thanks mate! Seedorf it is!
  • Djkhalid1921
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    hated prime socrates so much
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