Best Formations Post-Patch?

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Curious as I can’t keep up with all the damn patches. Struggled so much with wide players and before giving up I’m wondering if a narrow formation works better. I refuse to ptb, won’t do 3 or 5 atb. Any help/input is appreciated. Cheers!


  • Gunnercp
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    I like 442 2 and 4222.
  • Hashi
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    Gunnercp wrote: »
    I like 442 2 and 4222.

    How did you play with the 4222 (CT, Instruction)?

    Did you not notice that the players change positions in the 4222?
  • Khangaskhan17
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    The 433s are stronger.
  • Benja190782
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    4-4-2 flat with default player instructions and default custom tactics is by far the most balanced gameplay experience you can get now.

    Everything is so well balanced it’s insane. I feel like I finally get rewarded for playing some good build up play football, with loads of variety in both defence and attack.

    Gameplay is so much fun after this patch. Even tho it’s sometimes frustrating to miss an open goal, but that’s football.

    You really need to outsmart your opponent now which is pure fun.
    Even when I lose I have a feeling of been playing a good match with 4-4-2.

    Which is key I think!
  • Glupi86
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    i always started the match at 4-3-2-1 and switch to 4-2-3-1 ( B) ).

    after lose 6 in a row i just start to play with initial 4-3-2-1 formation and won 7 of 8 matches.

    will try some 433s after :)
  • nsholmberg11
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    The 433s are stronger.

    Really? I feel like I get ripped open so easily with 433 formations in Div Rivals or WL. Prefer the flat 433, have Modric, Kondogbia and either Vidal or Isco currently in my midfield. Is Griezmann the wrong striker? His heading is good but of course he’s short, thinking of going close to a full Spurs squad and saying f*** it
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