Controls cheat

Matchmaking for a manual controls game i kept getting matched against 1 player, but they quit 5+ times before kickoff.

On the 6th time they started the match, and proceeded to win 5-0. Their pass accuracy was 85%, with 59% possession. The only passes that didn't go directly to their player were interceptions. This persons record roughly is 300-200-400 but they have only played manual controls 3 times in the past.

I could be wrong, but it seemed like they had assisted controls on. They were playing constant fast ping-pong passes the whole game. I've played everyone in the top 10 leaderboard (for manual only), non of these players could pass anything like this.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Am I just salty for losing a game by so much, is there a manual controls prodigy who has insane passing skills despite little to no practice or has a below average player found a exploit that allows them to use assisted controls in manual only.


  • Pooter
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    Not cheating if they have assisted controls on
  • If i matchmake for Manual only and my controls are locked to manual, but the opponent is clearly using assisted, then it's an exploit/cheat. I don't know how/if it's possible. But yesterday I experienced having assisted controls when playing a friendly, even though my controls were all set to manual (my opponent was set to assisted). Could be a new issues from the update, just wondered if anyone else had experienced it.
  • Pooter
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    Oh that's definitely needs to be looked at then,

    Maybe matchmaking means something else though
  • Digs1977
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    Can we ban players from Saudi
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