Servers down again?



  • Tof33z
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    I'll wait a bit before a WL game maybe. DCs are very annoying in WL
  • Scutch
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    Yeah I’d definitely wait until it’s stable.
  • Discard_IF
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    Im on now, menus are kinda laggy and the stores down. Defo will not be playing WL games for a bit! If anyone is brave enough to give if a go let me know how it is
  • Keano
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    Ugri wrote: »
    Diggy wrote: »
    They will defo extend we had extensions last year when PS network went down

    Hope.your right, mostly need to get 7-8games in on Friday to keep my schedule, thats clearly a big 0 today

    Same, normally get to 5 wins on Friday, hopefully it'll still be doable but I have other bits I need to do & have work all weekend.
  • Ulook92
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    Ffs. Thought it was all sorted. Trashing someone in divisions and i get disconnected :(
  • Niko30
    50 posts Park Captain
    Does anyone know if the WL will be extended?
  • Keano
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    Niko30 wrote: »
    Does anyone know if the WL will be extended?

    Nothing yet, would just play games if you can (I havent heard if servers are better so i'm about to try as well). Take it from tomorrow.
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