Transfer Budget at end of season

So after a few seasons, I have 695.4 million in the transfer budget after selling players etc. I end the season, and at the start of the new season I get the email saying they are giving me an “extra 540 million in transfer funds so I’ll have 695.4 million in transfer budget”. I check the budget, and I still have 695.4 million!!!!! Shouldn’t I have 1.235 billion????? I already had 695.4 million before the season ended that I earned myself and they gave me nothing.


  • Chadi1982
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    Where do you think the other 500m+ comes from? If you make 600m doesn't mean the board will give you another 600m. .. In real life you'd be lucky to keep the 650m you made
  • I made the 695 million from selling my own players. After the first season I got a whole bunch of money (around 250 million) for winning the champions league, league etc and after the second season they didn’t give me nothing. It’s hard to understand.
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