[Thank you EA for the beautiful game] [Read if you are a true FIFA 19 player]

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Thank you so much EA for this amazing and beautiful game.
FIFA 19 is certainly the most realistic of the entire series,
but after some GP/CPUAI and Squads changes/edits,
it has become completely immersive and exciting.

Amazing CPUAI fouls during AGPE Career Mode.
Contact and collision system finally fixed.
FIFA 19 PC is now faboulus and delicious.

AGPE Key features - new settings to improve contact/collision/gameplay:
- Accurately edited/tweaked Squads/players/teams/referees/
multi traits and styles addon for all players, and more....
- Decreased globally the attribute balance
- Increased a bit the distance between player's legs/foots (+20%)
- Increased torque and angular friction
- Increased the distance from last ground height
- Reduced to 0 the ground jump tolerance
- Increased contact/collision system between legs/foots (same player)
- Increased to max and globally the default fall threshold gp value
- Reduced to 0.1 values about TouchType.BALANCE_LEFTFOOT/RIGHTFOOT/FOREHEAD
in order to reduce the balance effect if a collision occurs
- Players force Push Scale Reduction to 0
- Increased CPUAI Psycho Aggression settings (thank you for this amazing new CPUAI mental behavior)
- ......

The best idea and new implementation for the FIFA DEV TEAM:
Please EA finally add (allow users to adjust), via in-game gp sliders,
at least values connected to the strings below:

PSYCHO_AGGRESSION=value (then the user can adjust from 0 to 100)
KILL_EVERYONE=value (the user can adjust: 0=disabled or 1=enabled, to increase CPU fouls if required)

In addition, it could really be a revolution, try to also add/connect to new gp sliders:

ATTRIBUTE_0 = " 15, 25, 40, 52, 70, 98 " // attacking
ATTRIBUTE_1 = " 20, 30, 40, 40, 60, 90 " // reaction speed
ATTRIBUTE_2 = " 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 98 " // marking and space

In these case I've a bit reduced CPUAI difficulty for the 3 CPUAI attributes,
connected to the 6 difficulty levels.

As example for the ATTRIBUTE_1 connected to the CPUAI reaction speed,
my favorite setup is:
//1-beginner -- 20
//2-amateur -- 30
//3-semi_pro -- 40
//4-professional -- 40
//5-world_class -- 60 (my career mode difficulty)
//6-legendary -- 90
//ultimate isn't here (because go to all settings=99 if enabled)

I suggest to add in the default gp customization screen an extra menù:
Advanced GP Customization Settings in order to allow Fifa users to adjust the gameplay.

If this were added in the game you will always receive positive comments.
These adjustments will make the game special and completely customized for every FIFA player.
Everyone will be happy, 100% insured, please beleave me.

In this way FIFA 19 will be the most incredible game never made in the history.
Extra gp settings would only be for the offline gameplay against the CPU.

Just try to imagine, users who will share in this forum and all around the world,
their AGP(E) setup by recommending some settings, etc...

Pure passion and love for FIFA since 1999.

Sorry for my english fortunately I know perfectly the universal language of mathematics and programming.

With affection and esteem,
Laboratory Professor of Physics and atomic instrumentation.
Robotics, Artificial intelligence coder and editor.

Shared some details about me just to make people understand:
I'm not a little kid or spammer, but I'm an ultra loyal to EA SPORTS and ultra FIFA 19 passionated,
and I would like to see all of you happy like me.

To everyone,
in this thread I just want constructive comments,
I'm very good at perfecting/setup something that has already been built from scratch,
but I'm not better than any EA programmer, I want it to be clear.

Thank you EA for the magic game.


  • Phodri
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    Stopped reading after "amazing game".. good lord..
  • Royalwhite
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    I only watched the videos looking for something amazing 😏 not sure what you are talking about !
  • I suggest to those who all they know it to criticize, read all the post first and check all the releases of this man and then, maybe, make useful suggestions.
    Fidel, please, make available here a link to your releases, maybe some people here will get your point.
  • Sm0key_J0e
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    I get the point very well.

    For you others, look up the word "sarcasm".
  • fifa 19 in its vanilla form is the worst fifa i have ever played. The game is awful. I have the game on the pro and PC and the pro version is deleted as its vanilla is dreadful.
    Fifa has the basis of a brilliant game but EA continual match fixing(scripting) and refusal to fix ai coding errors and countless gameplay problems ruins the game.
    When modded the game is brilliant and a challenge.
    If players want to play a dreadful, one sided, game where winning 5-0 every match(on ultimate level) is your bag then fifa 19 vanilla is for you
    If you want a game thats realistic, very difficult, a real test of skill etc etc, then mod it.
    I expect fifa 20 to have even more scripting, be even easier and even worse than fifa 19. If thats possible. As long as the money rolls in then EA won't care and will continue with their avaricious gameplay manipulations.
    Well done and thank you to all fifa modders. You have saved fifa 19 on pc from ignominy of being deleted and having the dubious accolade of being a total pile of rubbish.
    If the modders can make fifa 19 brilliant and realistic then so can EA.
  • I'm absolute sure EA will listen for the wishes of those who play career mode....yeah, right, like it has been for last years!
    What Fidel is showing here and what he has been modding for free for years, making a better game for EA to get more money, it's just the game mechanics in it's core which can be improved but the producers don't care because fifa is mostly about FUT, the real money bag. And one argument more for that is just the lack of real world graphics like adboards, stadium dressing, stadiums and kits. Damn, how hard can it really be to add a kit or two extra for the important teams at least or to make specific adboards? These things are not necessary in FUT so they do not exist in the game.
    What is important in Ultimate Team mode are scanned faces and it shows by EA trying to scan as many as possible, wouldn's want to upset the big spenders.
    So for the career mode players, keep wishing for a better game, maybe in fifa 30 we'll get something like the very hard task to update those ancient generic stadiums.
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