Gameplay is unacceptable

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Wow, wow, wow every week from now on the gameplay is absolutely shocking, button delay, input delay, players making heavy touches, or they can't control it, i can't defend normally or when it works the ball will bounce straight back to my opponent and he'll score. I'm a D1 player but can't even get elite nowadays and i definitely give EA the blame for sabotaging me everytime with this piece of **** of a gameplay, already took 2 losses, first one me hitting the post 4 times on green and 2 times bar (one of them in the last second), 2nd loss i don't wanna talk about it because this only happens to me 92+ minute ref should blow the whistle but he didn't so my opponent had his last chance and scored in the 94th minute. Every week i face the same issue and this company still manages to dodge away from this. The first answer they'll say is "ah, maybe ur not wired" of course they'll say that, u think they want to realize that their servers is ****? of course not it's EA they'll never admit when something is clearly wrong. I know on a perfect gameplay i would have much less problems and noobs won't get help anymore with the stupid ai blocks which they haven't fixed yet. I don't have more to say, if you feel me feel me if you just wanna troll so be it, bye!


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