Never to old to play FIFA

I’m 54 and I’m being playing FIFA since 1996 or 1997 in the PC. It creates a bond with my children, I have a 29 year old and we played every night until he went to college and with my 18 year old I played almost every night until this passed august when he left to college. The game have change over the years and my kids have gotten much better than I did but I still love the game and play almost everyday. Some times it frustrates the heck out of me but it takes the mind of all the daily problems. I love the game and I will keep playing it until my fingers still respond and act as quick as my mind.


  • Thats fantastic mate. I'm 44 and I play with my Mrs and one of my kids. Iv played since fifa 98 back in the day. I'd love to play you sometime mate if your on Xbox.
  • Hi I’m 39 and have just started playing.

    I was a big ISS player back in the late 90’s but didn’t play any console since then. I dabbled a tiny bit on fifa 18, no FUT though.

    I have gone all in on this, and if any thing it really frustrates me. I just cannot get the hang of defending. Most games I will concede 2-4 goals, I do usually score though.

    I have 87 VVD & CLL Sanchez, 92 DDG in goal, CLL Fabinho as CDM, OTW Anderson, CL Aguero, in form Salah, so a decent team for div 10 lol. Basically I’m trash and cannot get my head into intercepting passes or even getting close to make a tackle in my own box.

    And before you ask I have both my full backs back on attaching, and CDM on man mark.

    It is addictive though, I play most days, probably 20 / 30 games a week.
  • malky
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    Played since fifa was released in 1994, will always play until the day I die.
  • Antiseen
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    I am 24, and I hope I’ll never play next fifa games.
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