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NIF Pogba + NIF KDB + NIF Kanté over an ICON?

1601 posts Play-Off Hero
I was considering to buy an ICON to play Ibra as ST in my Squad, therefor i need an Icon.

During the process of finding the right Player, i tested Baby Rivaldo and Prime Rui Costa. Baby Rivaldo was awesome as a forward but not what i was looking for at CAM.

Loved Prime Rui Costa's Agility but absolutely didn't like his bad Finishing (although i played him with Hunter). None of them is a game changer imo. They were good, but didn't make my Team any i decided to change to NIF Pogba, NIF KDB and NIF Kanté.

Problems: Ibra is only Swap and i have to start with Aguero + i hate to play the boring META PL Squad which everyone is playing in WL.

Question: Is there any game changing Icon around 800k, i'm missing out or should i stick to KDB/POG/Kanté an get along with the fact of having the META Team everyone has?

Thx in advance!



  • Craigy21
    310 posts Sunday League Hero
    I’ve been using 87 Zola at CAM. He’s been fantastic. Super quick, good passing and dribbling, shooting is top notch and makes awesome runs past my 2 strikers. He’s around 600k.
  • tom00
    468 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I recommend zola aswell, the 90 version is really good, his only cons are his stamina and first touch, but everything else is superb
  • Rendevous_star
    425 posts Sunday League Hero
    KDB/POG/Kanté better than just one icon for 850k

    Also, just use Alessandrini for the link to Ibra
  • BorussenBernie09
    1601 posts Play-Off Hero
    I'll wait for the Flashback to drop tonight. If its Rooney, I'm going with an English player.
  • IAIK7
    3475 posts National Call-Up
    I packed Prime Zola this morning. Used him for a few games and I've been quite impressed.
  • BorussenBernie09
    1601 posts Play-Off Hero
    IAIK7 wrote: »
    I packed Prime Zola this morning. Used him for a few games and I've been quite impressed.

    Isn't his strength an issue? I mean he's weak and I'm afraid he's to easily pushed off the ball.
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