Ramos or Prime Hierro?

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Just curious on opinions.

Anyone used Hierro /Ramos any time this year? Any preference to one or the other? I am currently using Courtious, so and currently have green chem links with him and CBs, (Varane and Ramos), I would be giving that up if I switch to Hierro, and it seems that green links with goalie has been helping defensively vs yellow links.


  • keronc
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    I use Hiero and Campbell together and they have been really solid. What Hiero lacks in pace, he makes up for in his aerial ability, positioning and tackling. He will win any tackle if you get him in position and his physical strength means he does not get pushed off the ball, he does the pushing. Be careful though as really lightweight attackers go down very easily around him. In the air, he wins almost everything, only Van ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and CR7 have beaten him for headers.

    I haven't used Ramos so I can't comment on him but I will not be giving up my Hiero.
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    Thank you for the input. Who do you have as goal keeper? I only ask because when I had yellow chemistry link with my goalie instead of green, I was just getting slaughtered left and right, and my goalie was letting easy stops go into the back of the net, just watching them slowly pass him. I played like that for 10-15 games and decided to just go back with my green links, and it feels much better, like they can actually be on the same page with the goalie. Does the chem link even have an effect on that?

    Has anyone had their CBs just start running up the field occasionally (once or twice a game) like an attacker?
    Does anyone know what causes this?

    It's weird. Ramos has a High attacking / Medium defending work rate, and Varane has a Medium attacking / High defending, but I always find that Varane is the one running up field like he's a striker or something and Ramos sitting back doing what I want him to do (defending and staying in position). What gives? I rarely see Ramos do this?
  • keronc
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    My goalie is the TOTGS Handanovic. He has been really good for me so far. I do not have any special instructions on Hiero and him and Campbell only go up the field on corner kicks.
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