I CAN'T believe EA STILL hasn't fixed career mode! Player growth broken! Ratings, broken!

It's been a MONTH that this game is live with a gigantic glitch introduced by the last update. I simply cannot believe EA STILL hasn't fixed it. I don't think they haven't even ACKNOWLEDGED it yet. This is too much. Where are you EA???? What are you doing this whole time?

Tell us SOMETHING. Is it going to fix? Is it not? do you even know how to fix this?


  • It's unbelievable
  • I can’t believe it’s 2019 and you still can’t scout youth players from Wales. How hard can it be to add really?
  • Sykesy
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  • We are well into the season and the patching is continuos...(save for this time)..will they be fixing their game every month until fifa 20?... Don`t they try out their own freaking games before selling them? I hope many of us don't fall for it and buy the next fifa...same sht every year.
  • Don’t think it will ever be fixed
  • MJD85
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    Wake up EA.
    How could you ignore the gamers that made FIFA great?

    The only thing we want is a decent Career Mode.
    Wtf are you doing?
  • Neophyte
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    Absolutely agree . It's a disgrace that Career mode is left to rot. They say it's because no one's playing it anymore which is bs, it's purely because if ultimate team and wanting everyone playing that instead. Career mode could be so good if they just put the effort in.
  • Patch came out yesterday for pc and should be out for all consoles within a week although I do t have much faith in this patch after the last one created such a mess so watch out for some bugs within this new update
  • EA is with the greatest disregard for career mode, just why not money like online ...
    But forget that everyone pays for the game ... Using the online part or not.
  • Stating is broken... Every game that results in 4 or more goals scored completely wipes out assist recorded by players
  • https://ibb.co/T2j9c5z

    still same s.it
  • VagisilFC
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    Seems they have put a big effort into CM in 20.

    Dare i say it could be tempting even for those of us that loathe what their corrupt gameplay has done to this franchise.

    But yeah they have really been minimal effort on fixes for CM since FUT ruined the game. Around 13 they had massive issues with data structures that affected both CM and FUT. They seem to have fixed it for FUT yet CM still is plagued by them.

    Played CM on 18 for the first time this week and am stunned at the design flaws in scheduling alone.

    Just now i discovered a player with a 1 match domestic ban after 2 games into the season and he hasn't received a red card. He got a yellow in game and his stats show only that and no others from the league. This is just basic stuff.

    Also livid that that bile inducing Match Intensity period rubbish has leaked into CM. It's clumsy manipulative implementation completely corrupts the very reason why we play CM; to create a realistic experience as close to the actual game as possible.
  • VagisilFC
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    Also seems EA have planted the most extreme version of their predictive programming in the gameplay. Still trying to figure out if they have storyline patterns to them like in other game modes.

    This company if horrifically corrupt and fraudulent.
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