Finally got rid of this game

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Played since I was a little one in the 90s and the state of this game is tragic.

This years installment of fifa has catered to hand holding the player and taking away control. Ai assistance has never been higher.

This is the worst fifa purely due to the fact in 2018 we had the capability to alter, change and address issues in the game. This isn't years ago where we had limited options for devs to change problems.
  • ai assistance- from auto blocks, auto interceptions, auto defending to even instances of auto shooting now.. the human element has been taken out of so many parts of this game. You can literally put the controller down and it will defend for you. I feel like I'm playing squad battles so often.
  • Timed finesse shots - they are awful the way they are.. so awful players with 60 finishing and 2* weak foot can timed finesse a shot in from range. The entire community hates these and there is such a slow testing period to change it.
  • Defending - you are punished for manually defending. There is no tackle button. If you manually tackle the game becomes either charging like hockey or plain up random pin ball.
  • Kick off goals - theyve been an issue for years and still the 10 defending players are at a huge disadvantage on every kick off. How infuriating it is that you play someone incapable of getting in your half but kick offs are like penalty kicks.
  • Fun - there is no casual gamemode. Div rivals and WL are toxic win at all costs gamemodes. Draft is a pure rip off coin sucking device. Where is the causal gamemodes to actually have fun?
  • Servers - they are dreadful. Constantly delayed one day and not the next. It kills any smooth enjoyable gameplay when theyre bad.
  • Forced playstyle - we can blame the community for the timed finesse shots and exploiting to win. But at the end of the day broken goalkeepers, ai hand holding and all the rest forces everyone to use exploits to win because the broken mechanics force you into doing certain things and using certain players if you want to win. People use timed finesse long shots because 1 on 1s are inconsistent, ai defenders can track you even when you beat them by 5-10 yards and so on.
  • I could go on and on

Overall I just thought what am I doing? I have an incredible squad full of icons, toty and so on. Not a penny put into fifa points. What's the point? I grind every week for nothing just so I can possibly get lucky for a card I can use next week in equally poor game mechanics? I don't even enjoy winning anymore.

If the mechanics of playing the game are broken everything else is just a card collecting simulator.

Does anyone recommend any decent online games since I have gold for the next 6 months?


  • Empyrium7
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    Agreed. EA are not aware that they are losing the fans of the beautiful game
  • Aspral
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    Empyrium7 wrote: »
    Agreed. EA are not aware that they are losing the fans of the beautiful game

    I was actually watching real football vids the other day of players and teams and how many styles of play there are.

    Fifa is basically forcing players to play mostly in the same way to get any success. I spend nearly every game watching countless people spam finesse shots from outside the box when they have incredibly players who had incredible play styles.
  • chatime
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    I usually switched to Uncharted 4 multiplayer after fifa rage. Shooting the opponents releasing the stress imo😂
  • Aspral
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    chatime wrote: »
    I usually switched to Uncharted 4 multiplayer after fifa rage. Shooting the opponents releasing the stress imo😂

    I remember when I found Gears or GTA online like therapy compared to fifa haha
  • basdost_goat
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    Dead by Daylight is a nice stress free game
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