Elite & Macro Controllers in FIFA

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QQ: Anything in the game that prevents you from using an Elite or Macro capable controller to get a play advantage?

I am asking because I have come across several players recently who are WAY too quick with the physical pushing of an opponent and on some skill moves. For example, my opponents Kante LAUNCHED, I mean throw him the game equivalent of 15 yards, my FB Ibra. Kante is strong but FFS. Additionally, there are a lot of them with the wings that are constantly "pushing" the fullback while sprinting and crossing and an occasional nimble dribble.

I also had at least one play who was WAY too fast with the Cryuff turns and pull backs. I am not talking a matter of he was way faster then me, that happens, I am talking he could instantly pull off 3 in seemingly inhumanly rapid succession.

I grant there are about 5 alternative explanation, lag, high skills player, etc. but being in DIV 4 I am doubting those issues are that consistent. Now I know the elite controllers will allow you to "hold LT" and send constant LT presses to the game. I also know that many of them have macro capabilities so that you can make a complex command sequence easier.

Is there anything in the game that prevents these from being used? Or do we all have to get elite controllers to have a fair game.


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    They’re against the TOS if people are using macros for market transactions.

    I had the nacon controller and the only useful thing you can tune in to a macro in game is a fake shot which is so easy to do anyway.

    Other skill moves have dynamic control depending on the player direction so you cannot code a macro to do them.

    They also only accept button inputs rather than directional inputs.

    They’re just good players or have a better connection than you, they’re not using a macro.

    A normal controller on wired mode is as effective as the posh fancy ones with macros. I consider my nacon a £90 waste and it stopped working after a year anyway. Back to a normal pad now
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