Toty Marcelo and Varane

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Tried Marcelo for a few games but rage sold half my team. Is he worth it over 88 Sandro?

I’ve got Varane right now. No complaints, is he much better than Maldini in your opinion?

Was thinking of downgrading Varane to Blanc or Hierro to get Marcelo back. Bad idea?


  • Estaban
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  • Amdp9
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    Nope don’t do it Varne is better on stats unless u are referring to Maldivian Prime which is end game material! If Sandro doing the job then why upgrade him get an attacker
  • Estaban
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    Yeah, I guess I won’t downgrade but

    Varane or Maldini is better?
  • HishamAyman
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    Estaban wrote: »
    Yeah, I guess I won’t downgrade but

    Varane or Maldini is better?

    I didnt use Maldini but people say he is pretty weak
  • xFATAL
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    Marcelo is worth it Varane isn't.
  • Master Fee
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    I've always used Sandro since I usually run Serie A teams and I just assumed he's better than Marcelo as a defender. Sold my 88 Sandro last night for base Marcelo and I am loving it. With stay back instructions his positioning is fine (so far). He's a MUCH BETTER ATTACKER than Sandro, even more so than the stats show. He's so comfortable on the ball and good at passing that he can get you out of high press rather easily. I can only imagine how good that TOTY is. I'm tempted to get him just counting on his price coming down a little.
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