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Inable to move or change player in WL?

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So this is my very first WL and in the first 50/60 minutes or so I had stages where I couldn’t control my players or even change player, it was almost as if my controller would stop working for 5/10 seconds. Anyone else have similar issues?


  • Simsbadger
    856 posts Professional
    Yes it’s been like that for two games for me 😡
  • Tubbs76
    583 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Been like that since last patch.
  • fazer
    159 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    mayby beacouse weekend league is usually a lot slower gameplay compared to rivals - Im have wire cable connection and its not always but often during weekend league my games is like playing in mugs - slow player reactions - button delay completly slower gameplay compared to rivals games
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